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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
The effect of periodontal treatment on glycemic control in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus
JE Stewart, KA Wager, AH Friedlander, HH Zadeh
Journal of clinical periodontology 28 (4), 306-310, 2001
Survival of short dental implants for treatment of posterior partial edentulism: a systematic review.
MA Atieh, H Zadeh, CM Stanford, LF Cooper
International Journal of Oral & Maxillofacial Implants 27 (6), 2012
Herpesvirus infection of inflammatory cells in human periodontitis
A Contreras, HH Zadeh, H Nowzari, J Slots
Oral Microbiology and immunology 14 (4), 206-212, 1999
Maxillary sinus elevation by lateral window approach: evolution of technology and technique
SS Wallace, DP Tarnow, SJ Froum, SC Cho, HH Zadeh, J Stoupel, ...
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Bone regeneration potential of stem cells derived from periodontal ligament or gingival tissue sources encapsulated in RGD-modified alginate scaffold
A Moshaverinia, C Chen, X Xu, K Akiyama, S Ansari, HH Zadeh, S Shi
Tissue Engineering Part A 20 (3-4), 611-621, 2014
Periodontal soft tissue root coverage procedures: a consensus report from the AAP Regeneration Workshop
DN Tatakis, L Chambrone, EP Allen, B Langer, MK McGuire, ...
Journal of periodontology 86, S52-S55, 2015
Co-encapsulation of anti-BMP2 monoclonal antibody and mesenchymal stem cells in alginate microspheres for bone tissue engineering
A Moshaverinia, S Ansari, C Chen, X Xu, K Akiyama, ML Snead, ...
Biomaterials 34 (28), 6572-6579, 2013
Minimally invasive treatment of maxillary anterior gingival recession defects by vestibular incision subperiosteal tunnel access and platelet-derived growth factor BB
HH Zadeh
International Journal of Periodontics and Restorative Dentistry 31 (6), 653, 2011
Implants of 6 mm vs. 11 mm lengths in the posterior maxilla and mandible: a 1‐year multicenter randomized controlled trial
F Guljé, I Abrahamsson, S Chen, C Stanford, H Zadeh, R Palmer
Clinical Oral Implants Research 24 (12), 1325-1331, 2013
Application of stem cells derived from the periodontal ligament or gingival tissue sources for tendon tissue regeneration
A Moshaverinia, X Xu, C Chen, S Ansari, HH Zadeh, ML Snead, S Shi
Biomaterials 35 (9), 2642-2650, 2014
The role of the cell‐mediated immune response to Actinobacillus actinomycetemcomitans and Porphyromonas gingivalis in periodontitis
HH Zadeh, FC Nichols, KT Miyasaki
Periodontology 2000 20 (1), 239-288, 1999
Pluronic F-127 hydrogel as a promising scaffold for encapsulation of dental-derived mesenchymal stem cells
IMA Diniz, C Chen, X Xu, S Ansari, HH Zadeh, MM Marques, S Shi, ...
Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Medicine 26 (3), 153, 2015
Corticotomy-assisted decompensation for augmentation of the mandibular anterior ridge
SH Kim, I Kim, DM Jeong, KR Chung, H Zadeh
American journal of orthodontics and dentofacial orthopedics 140 (5), 720-731, 2011
Hypnosis, differential expression of cytokines by T-cell subsets, and the hypothalamo-pituitary-adrenal axis
GJ Wood, S Bughi, J Morrison, S Tanavoli, S Tanavoli, HH Zadeh
American Journal of Clinical Hypnosis 45 (3), 179-196, 2003
Abnormalities in the Export and Fate of Recent Thymic Emigrants in Diabetes-Prone BB/W Rats1
HH Zadeh, DL Greiner, DY Wu, F Tausche, I Goldschneider
Autoimmunity 24 (1), 35-46, 1996
Induction of T‐cell apoptosis by Actinobacillus actinomycetemcomitans mutants with deletion of ltxA and cdtABC genes: possible activity of GroEL‐like molecule
A Nalbant, C Chen, Y Wang, HH Zadeh
Oral microbiology and immunology 18 (6), 339-349, 2003
Human gingiva-derived mesenchymal stem cells inhibit xeno-graft-versus-host disease via CD39–CD73–adenosine and IDO signals
F Huang, M Chen, W Chen, J Gu, J Yuan, Y Xue, J Dang, W Su, J Wang, ...
Frontiers in immunology 8, 68, 2017
Periodontal soft tissue root coverage procedures: practical applications from the AAP regeneration workshop
CR Richardson, EP Allen, L Chambrone, B Langer, MK McGuire, ...
Clinical Advances in Periodontics 5 (1), 2-10, 2015
Regulation of the Stem Cell–Host Immune System Interplay Using Hydrogel Coencapsulation System with an Anti‐Inflammatory Drug
A Moshaverinia, C Chen, X Xu, S Ansari, HH Zadeh, SR Schricker, ...
Advanced functional materials 25 (15), 2296-2307, 2015
Evidence for involvement of superantigens in human periodontal diseases: skewed expression of T cell receptor variable regions by gingival T cells
HH Zadeh, DL Kreutzer
Oral microbiology and immunology 11 (2), 88-95, 1996
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