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Giuseppe Carenini
Giuseppe Carenini
Professor of Computer Science, University of British Columbia
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Multi‐document summarization of evaluative text
G Carenini, JCK Cheung, A Pauls
Computational Intelligence 29 (4), 545-576, 2013
Extracting knowledge from evaluative text
G Carenini, RT Ng, E Zwart
Proceedings of the 3rd international conference on Knowledge capture, 11-18, 2005
Abstractive summarization of product reviews using discourse structure
S Gerani, Y Mehdad, G Carenini, R Ng, B Nejat
Proceedings of the 2014 conference on empirical methods in natural language …, 2014
Combining intra-and multi-sentential rhetorical parsing for document-level discourse analysis
S Joty, G Carenini, R Ng, Y Mehdad
Proceedings of the 51st Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational …, 2013
Codra: A novel discriminative framework for rhetorical analysis
S Joty, G Carenini, RT Ng
Computational Linguistics 41 (3), 385-435, 2015
Individual user characteristics and information visualization: connecting the dots through eye tracking
D Toker, C Conati, B Steichen, G Carenini
proceedings of the SIGCHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems …, 2013
Generating and evaluating evaluative arguments
G Carenini, JD Moore
Artificial Intelligence 170 (11), 925-952, 2006
Generating and evaluating evaluative arguments
G Carenini, JD Moore
Artificial Intelligence 170 (11), 925-952, 2006
User-adaptive information visualization: using eye gaze data to infer visualization tasks and user cognitive abilities
B Steichen, G Carenini, C Conati
Proceedings of the 2013 international conference on Intelligent user …, 2013
Summarizing email conversations with clue words
G Carenini, RT Ng, X Zhou
Proceedings of the 16th international conference on World Wide Web, 91-100, 2007
An intelligent interactive system for delivering individualized information to patients
BG Buchanan, JD Moore, DE Forsythe, G Carenini, S Ohlsson, G Banks
Artificial intelligence in medicine 7 (2), 117-154, 1995
Describing complex charts in natural language: A caption generation system
VO Mittal, JD Moore, G Carenini, S Roth
Computational Linguistics 24 (3), 431-467, 1998
Towards more conversational and collaborative recommender systems
G Carenini, J Smith, D Poole
Proceedings of the 8th international conference on Intelligent user …, 2003
Summarizing spoken and written conversations
G Murray, G Carenini
Proceedings of the 2008 conference on empirical methods in natural language …, 2008
Towards adaptive information visualization: on the influence of user characteristics
D Toker, C Conati, G Carenini, M Haraty
International conference on user modeling, adaptation, and personalization …, 2012
A publicly available annotated corpus for supervised email summarization
J Ulrich, G Murray, G Carenini
Proc. of aaai email-2008 workshop, chicago, usa, 2008
Extractive vs. NLG-based abstractive summarization of evaluative text: The effect of corpus controversiality
G Carenini, JCK Cheung
Proceedings of the Fifth International Natural Language Generation …, 2008
Adaptive content presentation for the web
A Bunt, G Carenini, C Conati
The adaptive web, 409-432, 2007
Dealing with the expert inconsistency in probability elicitation
S Monti, G Carenini
IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering 12 (4), 499-508, 2000
Generating explanations in context
G Carenini, JD Moore
Proceedings of the 1st international conference on Intelligent user …, 1993
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