Erkan Yönder
Erkan Yönder
Assistant Professor of Finance and Real Estate at John Molson School of Business, Concordia University üzerinde doğrulanmış e-posta adresine sahip - Ana Sayfa
Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Portfolio greenness and the financial performance of REITs
P Eichholtz, N Kok, E Yonder
Journal of International Money and Finance 31 (7), 1911-1929, 2012
CEO overconfidence, REIT investment activity and performance
P Eichholtz, E Yönder
Real Estate Economics 43 (1), 139-162, 2015
Environmental Performance and the Cost of Debt: Evidence from Commercial Mortgages and REIT Bonds
P Eichholtz, R Holtermans, N Kok, E Yönder
Journal of Banking & Finance, 2019
The economic effects of owner distance and local property management in US office markets
P Eichholtz, R Holtermans, E Yönder
Journal of Economic Geography 16 (4), 781-803, 2016
The economics of residential solar water heaters in emerging economies: The case of Turkey
E Aydin, P Eichholtz, E Yönder
Energy Economics 75, 285-299, 2018
REIT investment decisions: governance, behavior, and sustainability
E Yonder
Maastricht University, 2013
Real estate, governance, and the global economic crisis
P Eichholtz, N Kok, E Yonder
University of Pennsylvania Press, forthcoming, 2010
Decomposing the Cash Flow and Value Effects of Sustainable Investment: A Test of Firm Perspective Theory
A Devine, E Yönder
Shuffling through the Bargain Bin: Real-Estate Holdings of Public Firms
I Demirci, UG Gurun, E Yönder
Review of Finance 24 (3), 647-675, 2020
Corporate Diversification and the Cost of Debt
I Demirci, P Eichholtz, E Yönder
The Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics 61 (3), 316-368, 2020
Where, When, and How Do Sophisticated Investors Respond to Flood Risk?
P Eichholtz, E Steiner, E Yönder
Available at SSRN 3206257, 2019
REIT environmental performance and the cost of equity
P Eichholtz, P Barron, E Yönder
The Routledge REITs Research Handbook, 2018
CEO Political Preferences and the Sustainability of REITs
P Eichholtz, N Kok, E Yonder
Working Paper, 2014
Optimism in the Executive Team: Corporate Asset Transactions and Stock Performance
P Eichholtz, E Yönder
REITS in Turkey: the impact of the deviations from the global systems
E Yönder
Distance Effects in CMBS Loan Pricing: Banks versus Non-Banks
P Eichholtz, N Mimiroglu, S Ongena, E Yönder
Swiss Finance Institute Research Paper, 2019
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