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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Grasping intentions: from thought experiments to empirical evidence
C Becchio, V Manera, L Sartori, A Cavallo, U Castiello
Frontiers in human neuroscience 6, 117, 2012
Social grasping: from mirroring to mentalizing
C Becchio, A Cavallo, C Begliomini, L Sartori, G Feltrin, U Castiello
Neuroimage 61 (1), 240-248, 2012
Cooperation or competition? Discriminating between social intentions by observing prehensile movements
V Manera, C Becchio, A Cavallo, L Sartori, U Castiello
Experimental brain research 211 (3), 547-556, 2011
Decoding intentions from movement kinematics
A Cavallo, A Koul, C Ansuini, F Capozzi, C Becchio
Scientific Reports 6 (1), 1-8, 2016
From simulation to reciprocity: the case of complementary actions
L Sartori, A Cavallo, G Bucchioni, U Castiello
Social Neuroscience 7 (2), 146-158, 2012
Intentions in the brain: the unveiling of Mister Hyde
C Ansuini, A Cavallo, C Bertone, C Becchio
The Neuroscientist 21 (2), 126-135, 2015
Timecourse of mirror and counter-mirror effects measured with transcranial magnetic stimulation
A Cavallo, C Heyes, C Becchio, G Bird, C Catmur
Social cognitive and affective neuroscience 9 (8), 1082-1088, 2014
Grasping with tools: corticospinal excitability reflects observed hand movements
A Cavallo, C Becchio, L Sartori, G Bucchioni, U Castiello
Cerebral Cortex 22 (3), 710-716, 2012
Corticospinal excitability is specifically modulated by the social dimension of observed actions
L Sartori, A Cavallo, G Bucchioni, U Castiello
Experimental Brain Research 211 (3-4), 557, 2011
Seeing mental states: An experimental strategy for measuring the observability of other minds
C Becchio, A Koul, C Ansuini, C Bertone, A Cavallo
Physics of life reviews 24, 67-80, 2018
The visible face of intention: why kinematics matters
C Ansuini, A Cavallo, C Bertone, C Becchio
Frontiers in psychology 5, 815, 2014
Cross-validation approaches for replicability in psychology
A Koul, C Becchio, A Cavallo
Frontiers in psychology 9, 1117, 2018
When gaze opens the channel for communication: Integrative role of IFG and MPFC
A Cavallo, O Lungu, C Becchio, C Ansuini, A Rustichini, L Fadiga
NeuroImage 119, 63-69, 2015
Through your eyes: incongruence of gaze and action increases spontaneous perspective taking
T Furlanetto, A Cavallo, V Manera, B Tversky, C Becchio
Frontiers in human neuroscience 7, 455, 2013
Goal or movement? Action representation within the primary motor cortex
A Cavallo, G Bucchioni, U Castiello, C Becchio
European Journal of Neuroscience 38 (10), 3507-3512, 2013
Predicting object size from hand kinematics: a temporal perspective
C Ansuini, A Cavallo, A Koul, M Jacono, Y Yang, C Becchio
PLoS One 10 (3), e0120432, 2015
Altercentric intrusions from multiple perspectives: Beyond dyads
F Capozzi, A Cavallo, T Furlanetto, C Becchio
PLoS One 9 (12), e114210, 2014
Empathy or ownership? Evidence from corticospinal excitability modulation during pain observation
G Bucchioni, C Fossataro, A Cavallo, H Mouras, M Neppi-Modona, ...
Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience 28 (11), 1760-1771, 2016
When far becomes near: Perspective taking induces social remapping of spatial relations
A Cavallo, C Ansuini, F Capozzi, B Tversky, C Becchio
Psychological science 28 (1), 69-79, 2017
Corticospinal excitability during the observation of social behavior
G Bucchioni, A Cavallo, D Ippolito, G Marton, U Castiello
Brain and Cognition 81 (2), 176-182, 2013
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