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W. T. Luke Teacy
W. T. Luke Teacy
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Travos: Trust and reputation in the context of inaccurate information sources
WT Teacy, J Patel, NR Jennings, M Luck
Autonomous Agents and Multi-Agent Systems 12 (2), 183-198, 2006
Coping with inaccurate reputation sources: Experimental analysis of a probabilistic trust model
WTL Teacy, J Patel, NR Jennings, M Luck
Proceedings of the fourth international joint conference on Autonomous …, 2005
A probabilistic trust model for handling inaccurate reputation sources
J Patel, WT Teacy, NR Jennings, M Luck
International conference on trust management, 193-209, 2005
An efficient and versatile approach to trust and reputation using hierarchical bayesian modelling
WTL Teacy, M Luck, A Rogers, NR Jennings
Artificial Intelligence 193, 149-185, 2012
UAV position estimation and collision avoidance using the extended Kalman filter
C Luo, SI McClean, G Parr, L Teacy, R De Nardi
IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology 62 (6), 2749-2762, 2013
Agent-based virtual organisations for the grid
J Patel, WT Teacy, NR Jennings, M Luck, S Chalmers, N Oren, TJ Norman, ...
Multiagent and Grid Systems 1 (4), 237-249, 2005
Online planning for collaborative search and rescue by heterogeneous robot teams
Z Beck, WLT Teacy, NR Jennings, AC Rogers
Association of Computing Machinery, 2016
Maintaining connectivity in UAV swarm sensing
WTL Teacy, J Nie, S McClean, G Parr
2010 IEEE Globecom Workshops, 1771-1776, 2010
Sequential decision making with untrustworthy service providers
WTL Teacy, G Chalkiadakis, A Rogers, NR Jennings
SUAAVE: Combining aerial robots and wireless networking
S Cameron, S Hailes, S Julier, S McClean, G Parr, N Trigoni, M Ahmed, ...
Planning search and rescue missions for UAV teams
CAB Baker, S Ramchurn, WTL Teacy, NR Jennings
Proceedings of the Twenty-second European Conference on Artificial …, 2016
Collaborative sensing by unmanned aerial vehicles
WTL Teacy, J Nie, S McClean, G Parr, S Hailes, S Julier, N Trigoni, ...
The art of iam: The winning strategy for the 2006 competition
WTL Teacy, TD Huynh, RK Dash, NR Jennings, M Luck, J Patel
Collaborative online planning for automated victim search in disaster response
Z Beck, WTL Teacy, A Rogers, NR Jennings
Robotics and Autonomous Systems 100, 251-266, 2018
Decentralized Bayesian reinforcement learning for online agent collaboration
WTL Teacy, G Chalkiadakis, A Farinelli, A Rogers, NR Jennings, ...
11th International Conference on Autonomous Agents and Multiagent Systems, 2012
A hierarchical bayesian trust model based on reputation and group behaviour
WT Teacy, NR Jennings, A Rogers, M Luck
Agent-based trust and reputation in the context of inaccurate information sources
WTL Teacy
University of Southampton, 2006
Supporting formation and operation of virtual organisations in a grid environment
J Shao, WA Gray, NJ Fiddian, V Deora, G Shercliff, PJ Stockreisser, ...
Max-sum decentralised coordination for sensor systems
WTL Teacy, A Farinelli, NJ Grabham, P Padhy, A Rogers, NJ Jennings
Monitoring, policing and trust for grid-based virtual organisations
J Patel, WT Teacy, NR Jennings, M Luck, S Chalmers, N Oren, T Norman, ...
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