Amir Zeldes
Amir Zeldes
Associate Professor of Computational Linguistics, Georgetown University üzerinde doğrulanmış e-posta adresine sahip - Ana Sayfa
Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Corpus Linguistics. Volume 1
A Lüdeling, M Kytö
Walter de Gruyter, 2008
Universal Dependencies 1.2
J Nivre, Ž Agić, MJ Aranzabe, M Asahara, A Atutxa, M Ballesteros, J Bauer, ...
Universal Dependencies Consortium, 2015
ANNIS: A search tool for multi-layer annotated corpora
A Zeldes, A Lüdeling, J Ritz, C Chiarcos
Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Philosophische Fakultät II, 2009
ANNIS3: A new architecture for generic corpus query and visualization
T Krause, A Zeldes
Digital Scholarship in the Humanities 31 (1), 118-139, 2016
The GUM corpus: Creating multilayer resources in the classroom
A Zeldes
Language Resources and Evaluation 51 (3), 581-612, 2017
Productivity in argument selection: From morphology to syntax
A Zeldes
Walter de Gruyter, 2012
rstWeb-a browser-based annotation interface for Rhetorical Structure Theory and discourse relations
A Zeldes
Proceedings of the 2016 Conference of the North American Chapter of the …, 2016
RIDGES Herbology: designing a diachronic multi-layer corpus
C Odebrecht, M Belz, A Zeldes, A Lüdeling, T Krause
Language Resources and Evaluation 51 (3), 695-725, 2017
Raiders of the lost corpus
CT Schroeder, A Zeldes
Digital Humanities Quarterly 10 (2), 2016
Underuse of syntactic categories in Falko. A case study on modification
H Hirschmann, A Lüdeling, I Rehbein, M Reznicek, A Zeldes
Granger, S., Gilquin, G. und Meunier, F.(Hgg.), Twenty Years of Learner …, 2013
What’s hard? Quantitative evidence for difficult constructions in German learner data
A Zeldes, A Lüdeling, H Hirschmann
Proceedings of Quantitative Investigations in Theoretical Linguistics 3, 74-77, 2008
CityU corpus of essay drafts of English language learners: a corpus of textual revision in second language writing
J Lee, CY Yeung, A Zeldes, M Reznicek, A Lüdeling, J Webster
Language Resources and Evaluation 49 (3), 659-683, 2015
Multiple tokenizations in a diachronic corpus
T Krause, A Lüdeling, C Odebrecht, A Zeldes
Exploring Ancient Languages through Corpora Conference (EALC) 14 (16.06), 2012
Building and Using a Richly Annotated Interlinear Diachronic Corpus: The Case of Old High German Tatian.
S Petrova, M Solf, J Ritz, C Chiarcos, A Zeldes
TAL 50 (2), 47-71, 2009
When annotation schemes change rules help: A configurable approach to coreference resolution beyond OntoNotes
A Zeldes, S Zhang
Proceedings of the Workshop on Coreference Resolution Beyond OntoNotes …, 2016
The role of visual and olfactory plant cues in aphid behaviour and the development of non-persistent virus management strategies
ML Schröder, R Glinwood, R Ignell, K Krüger
Arthropod-Plant Interactions 11 (1), 1-13, 2017
Computational methods for coptic: Developing and using part-of-speech tagging for digital scholarship in the humanities
A Zeldes, CT Schroeder
Digital Scholarship in the Humanities 30 (suppl_1), i164-i176, 2015
Productive argument selection: Is lexical semantics enough?
A Zeldes
Corpus Linguistics and Linguistic Theory 9 (2), 263-291, 2013
Deutsche Komposita zwischen Syntax und Morphologie: Ein korpusbasierter Ansatz
L Gaeta, A Zeldes
Walter de Gruyter, 2012
An NLP pipeline for Coptic
A Zeldes, CT Schroeder
Proceedings of the 10th SIGHUM Workshop on Language Technology for Cultural …, 2016
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