Andrea N Hahmann
Andrea N Hahmann
Senior Scientist, DTU WInd Energy üzerinde doğrulanmış e-posta adresine sahip
Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
An investigation of the annual cycle of convective activity over the tropical Americas
JD Horel, AN Hahmann, JE Geisler
Journal of climate 2 (11), 1388-1403, 1989
RCCM2–BATS model over tropical South America: Applications to tropical deforestation
AN Hahmann, RE Dickinson
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Comparing the degree of land–atmosphere interaction in four atmospheric general circulation models
RD Koster, PA Dirmeyer, AN Hahmann, R Ijpelaar, L Tyahla, P Cox, ...
Journal of Hydrometeorology 3 (3), 363-375, 2002
Wind climate estimation using WRF model output: method and model sensitivities over the sea
AN Hahmann, CL Vincent, A Peña, J Lange, CB Hasager
International Journal of Climatology 35 (12), 3422-3439, 2015
Evaluating winds and vertical wind shear from Weather Research and Forecasting model forecasts using seven planetary boundary layer schemes
C Draxl, AN Hahmann, A Peña, G Giebel
Wind Energy 17 (1), 39-55, 2014
A proposal for a general interface between land surface schemes and general circulation models
J Polcher, B McAvaney, P Viterbo, MA Gaertner, A Hahmann, JF Mahfouf, ...
Global and Planetary Change 19 (1-4), 261-276, 1998
Chicxulub and climate: Radiative perturbations of impact-produced S-bearing gases
E Pierazzo, AN Hahmann, LC Sloan
Astrobiology 3 (1), 99-118, 2003
Progress in Pan American CLIVAR research: the North American monsoon system
R Wayne Higgins, A Douglas, A Hahmann, EH Berbery, D Gutzler, ...
Atmósfera 16 (1), 29-65, 2003
Comparison of precipitation observed over the continental United States to that simulated by a climate model
M Chen, RE Dickinson, X Zeng, AN Hahmann
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A reanalysis system for the generation of mesoscale climatographies
AN Hahmann, D Rostkier-Edelstein, TT Warner, F Vandenberghe, Y Liu, ...
Journal of Applied Meteorology and Climatology 49 (5), 954-972, 2010
The wind energy potential of Iceland
N Nawri, GN Petersen, H Bjornsson, AN Hahmann, K Jónasson, ...
Renewable energy 69, 290-299, 2014
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A Peña, R Floors, A Sathe, SE Gryning, R Wagner, MS Courtney, ...
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XG Larsén, S Ott, J Badger, AN Hahmann, J Mann
Journal of Applied Meteorology and Climatology 51 (3), 521-533, 2012
Wind-climate estimation based on mesoscale and microscale modeling: statistical–dynamical downscaling for wind energy applications
J Badger, H Frank, AN Hahmann, G Giebel
Journal of Applied Meteorology and Climatology 53 (8), 1901-1919, 2014
Project for intercomparison of land-Surface Parameterization Schemes (PILPS)
AJ Pitman, A Henderson-Sellers, F Abramopoulos, R Avissar, G Bonan, ...
Results from off-line control simulations, GEWEX Report, IGPO Publication Series, 1993
Atmospheric stability and turbulence fluxes at Horns Rev—An intercomparison of sonic, bulk and WRF model data
A Peña, AN Hahmann
Wind Energy 15 (5), 717-731, 2012
Wind and photovoltaic large-scale regional models for hourly production evaluation
M Marinelli, P Maule, AN Hahmann, O Gehrke, PB Nørgrd, NA Cutululis
IEEE Transactions on Sustainable Energy 6 (3), 916-923, 2014
The Explicit Wake Parametrisation V1. 0: a wind farm parametrisation in the mesoscale model WRF
PJH Volker, J Badger, AN Hahmann, S Ott
Geoscientific Model Development 8 (11), 3715-3731, 2015
Forecast of icing events at a wind farm in Sweden
N Davis, AN Hahmann, NE Clausen, M Žagar
Journal of Applied Meteorology and Climatology 53 (2), 262-281, 2014
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