chen, ray t.
chen, ray t.
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Fully embedded board-level guided-wave optoelectronic interconnects
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interaction length silicon photonic crystal waveguide modulator
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Recent advances in silicon-based passive and active optical interconnects
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Thermo-optically tuned cascaded polymer waveguide taps
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On-chip methane sensing by near-IR absorption signatures in a photonic crystal slot waveguide
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Flexible optical waveguide film fabrications and optoelectronic devices integration for fully embedded board-level optical interconnects
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All ink-jet-printed carbon nanotube thin-film transistor on a polyimide substrate with an ultrahigh operating frequency of over 5 GHz
J Vaillancourt, H Zhang, P Vasinajindakaw, H Xia, X Lu, X Han, ...
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Correcting for miniature eye movements in high-resolution scanning laser ophthalmoscopy
SB Stevenson, A Roorda
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Integrated photonic electromagnetic field sensor based on broadband bowtie antenna coupled silicon organic hybrid modulator
X Zhang, A Hosseini, H Subbaraman, S Wang, Q Zhan, J Luo, AKY Jen, ...
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Silicon nano-membrane based photonic crystal microcavities for high sensitivity bio-sensing
WC Lai, S Chakravarty, Y Zou, RT Chen
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Complementary metal–oxide–semiconductor compatible high efficiency subwavelength grating couplers for silicon integrated photonics
X Xu, H Subbaraman, J Covey, D Kwong, A Hosseini, RT Chen
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Collective mining of Bayesian networks from distributed heterogeneous data
R Chen, K Sivakumar, H Kargupta
Knowledge and Information Systems 6 (2), 164-187, 2004
Receptor for advanced glycation end-products promotes premature senescence of proximal tubular epithelial cells via activation of endoplasmic reticulum stress-dependent p21 …
J Liu, K Huang, GY Cai, XM Chen, JR Yang, LR Lin, J Yang, BG Huo, ...
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1× 12 Unequally spaced waveguide array for actively tuned optical phased array on a silicon nanomembrane
D Kwong, A Hosseini, Y Zhang, RT Chen
Applied Physics Letters 99 (5), 051104, 2011
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