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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
On the addition of integral action to port-controlled Hamiltonian systems
A Donaire, S Junco
Automatica 45 (8), 1910-1916, 2009
Robust energy shaping control of mechanical systems
JG Romero, A Donaire, R Ortega
Systems & Control Letters 62 (9), 770-780, 2013
Shaping the Energy of Mechanical Systems Without Solving Partial Differential Equations
A Donaire, R Mehra, R Ortega, S Satpute, JG Romero, F Kazi, NM Singh
IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control 61 (4), 1051-1056, 2016
Passivity-based control for multi-vehicle systems subject to string constraints
S Knorn, A Donaire, JC Agüero, RH Middleton
Automatica 50 (12), 3224-3230, 2014
Dynamic positioning of marine craft using a port-Hamiltonian framework
A Donaire, T Perez
Automatica 48 (5), 851-856, 2012
Robust IDA‐PBC for underactuated mechanical systems subject to matched disturbances
A Donaire, JG Romero, R Ortega, B Siciliano, M Crespo
International Journal of Robust and Nonlinear Control 27 (6), 1000-1016, 2017
Energy-based motion control of a slender hull unmanned underwater vehicle
F Valentinis, A Donaire, T Perez
Ocean Engineering 104, 604-616, 2015
Constrained control design for dynamic positioning of marine vehicles with control allocation
T Perez, A Donaire
Modeling, Identification and Control 30 (2), 57-70, 2009
Trajectory tracking passivity-based control for marine vehicles subject to disturbances
A Donaire, JG Romero, T Perez
Journal of the Franklin Institute 354 (5), 2167-2182, 2017
Energy shaping of mechanical systems via PID control and extension to constant speed tracking
JG Romero, R Ortega, A Donaire
IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control 61 (11), 3551-3556, 2016
Derivation of input-state-output port-hamiltonian systems from bond graphs
A Donaire, S Junco
Simulation Modelling Practice and Theory 17 (1), 137-151, 2009
Global stabilisation of underactuated mechanical systems via PID passivity-based control
JG Romero, A Donaire, R Ortega, P Borja
Automatica 96, 178-185, 2018
Simultaneous interconnection and damping assignment passivity-based control of mechanical systems using dissipative forces
A Donaire, R Ortega, JG Romero
Systems & Control Letters 94, 118-126, 2016
Energy-based guidance of an underactuated unmanned underwater vehicle on a helical trajectory
F Valentinis, A Donaire, T Perez
Control Engineering Practice 44, 138-156, 2015
Energy shaping, interconnection and damping assignment, and integral control in the bond graph domain
A Donaire, S Junco
Simulation Modelling Practice and Theory 17 (1), 152-174, 2009
Integral control of port-Hamiltonian systems: Nonpassive outputs without coordinate transformation
J Ferguson, A Donaire, RH Middleton
IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control 62 (11), 5947-5953, 2017
Port-hamiltonian theory of motion control for marine craft
A Donaire, T Perez
IFAC Proceedings Volumes 43 (20), 201-206, 2010
Control of nonprehensile planar rolling manipulation: A passivity-based approach
D Serra, F Ruggiero, A Donaire, LR Buonocore, V Lippiello, B Siciliano
IEEE Transactions on Robotics 35 (2), 317-329, 2019
Passivity-based control for a rolling-balancing system: The nonprehensile disk-on-disk
A Donaire, F Ruggiero, LR Buonocore, V Lippiello, B Siciliano
IEEE Transactions on Control Systems Technology 25 (6), 2135-2142, 2016
Disturbance rejection via control by interconnection of port-Hamiltonian systems
J Ferguson, RH Middleton, A Donaire
2015 54th IEEE Conference on Decision and Control (CDC), 507-512, 2015
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