Yann Le Gorrec
Yann Le Gorrec
Professeur d'Automatique ENSMM
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Dirac structures and boundary control systems associated with skew-symmetric differential operators
Y Le Gorrec, H Zwart, B Maschke
SIAM journal on control and optimization 44 (5), 1864-1892, 2005
Bouc–Wen modeling and feedforward control of multivariable hysteresis in piezoelectric systems: Application to a 3-DoF piezotube scanner
D Habineza, M Rakotondrabe, Y Le Gorrec
IEEE Transactions on Control Systems Technology 23 (5), 1797-1806, 2015
The port Hamiltonian approach to modeling and control of continuous stirred tank reactors
H Hoang, F Couenne, C Jallut, Y Le Gorrec
Journal of Process Control 21 (10), 1449-1458, 2011
Exponential stability of a class of boundary control systems
JA Villegas, H Zwart, Y Le Gorrec, B Maschke
IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control 54 (1), 142-147, 2009
Modeling and optimal force control of a nonlinear electrostatic microgripper
M Boudaoud, Y Haddab, Y Le Gorrec
IEEE/ASME Transactions on mechatronics 18 (3), 1130-1139, 2012
Lyapunov-based control of non isothermal continuous stirred tank reactors using irreversible thermodynamics
H Hoang, F Couenne, C Jallut, Y Le Gorrec
Journal of Process Control 22 (2), 412-422, 2012
Well-posedness and regularity of hyperbolic boundary control systems on a one-dimensional spatial domain
H Zwart, Y Le Gorrec, B Maschke, J Villegas
ESAIM: control, optimisation and calculus of variations 16 (4), 1077-1093, 2010
Generic dynamic model for simulation and control of reactive extrusion
S Choulak, F Couenne, Y Le Gorrec, C Jallut, P Cassagnau, A Michel
Industrial & engineering chemistry research 43 (23), 7373-7382, 2004
Exponential stabilization of boundary controlled port-Hamiltonian systems with dynamic feedback
H Ramírez, Y Le Gorrec, A Macchelli, H Zwart
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A multimodel-based approach to robust and self-scheduled control design
JF Magni, Y Le Gorrec, C Chiappa
Proceedings of the 37th IEEE Conference on Decision and Control (Cat. No …, 1998
On the synthesis of boundary control laws for distributed port-Hamiltonian systems
A Macchelli, Y Le Gorrec, H Ramírez, H Zwart
IEEE transactions on automatic control 62 (4), 1700-1713, 2016
Modal multimodel control design approach applied to aircraft autopilot design
YL Gorrec, JF Magni, C Doll, C Chiappa
Journal of guidance, control, and dynamics 21 (1), 77-83, 1998
Stability and stabilization of a class of boundary control systems
JA Villegas, H Zwart, Y Le Gorrec, B Maschke, AJ Van Der Schaft
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Structure-preserving infinite dimensional model reduction: Application to adsorption processes
A Baaiu, F Couenne, L Lefevre, Y Le Gorrec, M Tayakout
Journal of Process Control 19 (3), 394-404, 2009
On the passivity based control of irreversible processes: A port-Hamiltonian approach
H Ramirez, Y Le Gorrec, B Maschke, F Couenne
Automatica 64, 105-111, 2016
Magnetic shape memory alloys as smart materials for micro-positioning devices
A Hubert, N Calchand, Y Le Gorrec, JY Gauthier
Advanced electromagnetics 1 (2), 75-84, 2012
Noise characterization in millimeter sized micromanipulation systems
M Boudaoud, Y Haddab, Y Le Gorrec, P Lutz
Mechatronics 21 (6), 1087-1097, 2011
Modeling and simulation of polymeric nanocapsule formation by emulsion diffusion method
M Hassou, F Couenne, Y Le Gorrec, M Tayakout
AIChE journal 55 (8), 2094-2105, 2009
A double linear driving force approximation for non-isothermal mass transfer modeling through bi-disperse adsorbents
D Leinekugel-le-Cocq, M Tayakout-Fayolle, Y Le Gorrec, C Jallut
Chemical engineering science 62 (15), 4040-4053, 2007
A robust self-scheduled missile autopilot: design by multi-model eigenstructure assignment
C Döll, Y Le Gorrec, G Ferreres, JF Magni
Control Engineering Practice 9 (10), 1067-1078, 2001
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