Enrico Stoll
Enrico Stoll
Professor of Space Technology
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Interactions of the space debris environment with mega constellations—Using the example of the OneWeb constellation
J Radtke, C Kebschull, E Stoll
Acta Astronautica 131, 55-68, 2017
On-orbit servicing
E Stoll, J Letschnik, U Walter, J Artigas, P Kremer, C Preusche, ...
IEEE robotics & automation magazine 16 (4), 29-33, 2009
The tensile strength of ice and dust aggregates and its dependence on particle properties
B Gundlach, KP Schmidt, C Kreuzig, D Bischoff, F Rezaei, S Kothe, ...
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 479 (1), 1273-1277, 2018
Ground verification of the feasibility of telepresent on‐orbit servicing
E Stoll, U Walter, J Artigas, C Preusche, P Kremer, G Hirzinger, ...
Journal of Field Robotics 26 (3), 287-307, 2009
SPHERES interact—Human–machine interaction aboard the International Space Station
E Stoll, S Jaekel, J Katz, A Saenz‐Otero, R Varatharajoo
Journal of Field Robotics 29 (4), 554-575, 2012
ReDSHIFT: A global approach to space debris mitigation
A Rossi, C Colombo, K Tsiganis, J Beck, JB Rodriguez, S Walker, ...
Aerospace 5 (2), 64, 2018
Selective laser melting for processing of regolith in support of a lunar base
N Gerdes, LG Fokken, S Linke, S Kaierle, O Suttmann, J Hermsdorf, ...
Journal of Laser Applications 30 (3), 032018, 2018
The applicability of gecko adhesives in a docking mechanism for active debris removal missions
C Trentlage, E Stoll
13th Symposium on Advanced Space Technologies in Robotics and Automation, ASTRA, 2015
Adaptive sliding mode control for spacecraft proximity operations based on dual quaternions
J Yang, E Stoll
Journal of Guidance, Control, and Dynamics 42 (11), 2356-2368, 2019
Results of reference long-term simulations focussing on passive means to reduce the impact of space debris
V Schaus, J Radtke, E Stoll, A Rossi, C Colombo, S Tonetti, I Holbrough
7th European Conference on Space Debris, ESA/ESOC, 1-10, 2017
Comparing long-term projections of the space debris environment to real world data–Looking back to 1990
J Radtke, E Stoll
Acta Astronautica 127, 482-490, 2016
Survey of the current activities in the field of modeling the space debris environment at TU Braunschweig
A Horstmann, C Kebschull, S Müller, E Gamper, S Hesselbach, ...
Aerospace 5 (2), 37, 2018
Ground verification of telepresence for on-orbit servicing
E Stoll
Technische Universität München, 2008
Active debris removal for mega constellations: Cubesat possible
B Larbi, MK Grzesik, B Radtke, T CJ, E Stoll
Proceedings of the 9th International Workshop on Satellite Constellations …, 2017
The future role of relay satellites for orbital telerobotics
E Stoll, J Letschnik, M Wilde, A Saenz-Otero, R Varatharajoo, J Artigas
Advances in space research 50 (7), 864-880, 2012
TUBS-M and TUBS-T based modular Regolith Simulant System for the support of lunar ISRU activities
S Linke, L Windisch, N Kueter, JE Wanvik, A Voss, E Stoll, C Schilde, ...
Planetary and Space Science 180, 104747, 2020
LUCA2-an enhanced long-term utility for collision analysis
J Radtke, S Mueller, V Schaus, E Stoll
Proceedings of the 7th European Conference on Space Debris, 2017
Collision Probability Assessment for the Rapideye Satellite Constellation
E Stoll, K Merz, H Krag, B D’Souza, B Bastida Virgili
European Conference on Space Debris, Darmstadt, Germany, 2013
The impact of the increase in small satellite launch traffic on the long-term evolution of the space debris environment
J Radtke, E Stoll, H Lewis, B Bastida Virgili
The European Space Agency (ESA), 2017
Simulation of the space debris environment in LEO using a simplified approach
C Kebschull, P Scheidemann, S Hesselbach, J Radtke, V Braun, H Krag, ...
Advances in Space Research 59 (1), 166-180, 2017
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