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Ata Akcil
Ata Akcil
Diğer adlarAta Utku Akcil, Ata Utku Akçıl, Ata Akçıl
Professor, SDU, Dept. of Mining Eng., Mineral Processing Division
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Acid Mine Drainage (AMD): causes, treatment and case studies
A Akcil, S Koldas
Journal of cleaner production 14 (12-13), 1139-1145, 2006
Aqueous metal recovery techniques from e-scrap: Hydrometallurgy in recycling
A Tuncuk, V Stazi, A Akcil, EY Yazici, H Deveci
Minerals engineering 25 (1), 28-37, 2012
Precious metal recovery from waste printed circuit boards using cyanide and non-cyanide lixiviants–a review
A Akcil, C Erust, CS Gahan, M Ozgun, M Sahin, A Tuncuk
Waste management 45, 258-271, 2015
A review of approaches and techniques used in aquatic contaminated sediments: metal removal and stabilization by chemical and biotechnological processes
A Akcil, C Erust, S Ozdemiroglu, V Fonti, F Beolchini
Journal of Cleaner Production 86, 24-36, 2015
Destruction of cyanide in gold mill effluents: biological versus chemical treatments
A Akcil
Biotechnology Advances 21 (6), 501-511, 2003
Cyanide and removal options from effluents in gold mining and metallurgical processes
N Kuyucak, A Akcil
Minerals Engineering 50, 13-29, 2013
A review of technologies for the recovery of metals from spent alkaline and zinc–carbon batteries
E Sayilgan, T Kukrer, G Civelekoglu, F Ferella, A Akcil, F Veglio, M Kitis
Hydrometallurgy 97 (3-4), 158-166, 2009
A review of metal recovery from spent petroleum catalysts and ash
A Akcil, F Vegliò, F Ferella, MD Okudan, A Tuncuk
Waste management 45, 420-433, 2015
Recent advances on hydrometallurgical recovery of critical and precious elements from end of life electronic wastes-a review
M Sethurajan, ED van Hullebusch, D Fontana, A Akcil, H Deveci, B Batinic, ...
Critical reviews in environmental science and technology 49 (3), 212-275, 2019
Microbial destruction of cyanide wastes in gold mining: process review
A Akcil, T Mudder
Biotechnology Letters 25, 445-450, 2003
Biotechnological strategies for the recovery of valuable and critical raw materials from waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE)–A review
A Işıldar, ED van Hullebusch, M Lenz, G Du Laing, A Marra, A Cesaro, ...
Journal of hazardous materials 362, 467-481, 2019
Biological treatment of cyanide by natural isolated bacteria (Pseudomonas sp.)
A Akcil, AG Karahan, H Ciftci, O Sagdic
Minerals engineering 16 (7), 643-649, 2003
Current scenario of chalcopyrite bioleaching: a review on the recent advances to its heap-leach technology
S Panda, A Akcil, N Pradhan, H Deveci
Bioresource technology 196, 694-706, 2015
Environmentally sustainable acid mine drainage remediation: Research developments with a focus on waste/by-products
I Moodley, CM Sheridan, U Kappelmeyer, A Akcil
Minerals Engineering 126, 207-220, 2018
Bioleaching of complex zinc sulphides using mesophilic and thermophilic bacteria: comparative importance of pH and iron
H Deveci, A Akcil, I Alp
Hydrometallurgy 73 (3-4), 293-303, 2004
Biodegradation of cyanide containing effluents by Scenedesmus obliquus
F Gurbuz, H Ciftci, A Akcil
Journal of hazardous materials 162 (1), 74-79, 2009
Biohydrometallurgy techniques of low grade ores: A review on black shale
F Anjum, M Shahid, A Akcil
Hydrometallurgy 117, 1-12, 2012
Gold ore processing: project development and operations
MD Adams
Elsevier, 2016
Role and contribution of pure and mixed cultures of mesophiles in bioleaching of a pyritic chalcopyrite concentrate
A Akcil, H Ciftci, H Deveci
Minerals Engineering 20 (3), 310-318, 2007
Overview on extraction and separation of rare earth elements from red mud: focus on scandium
A Akcil, N Akhmadiyeva, R Abdulvaliyev, Abhilash, P Meshram
Mineral Processing and Extractive metallurgy review 39 (3), 145-151, 2018
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