Ahmad Baraani
Ahmad Baraani
Professor of Computer Engineering. University of Isfahan
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Agent-based modeling of consumer decision making process based on power distance and personality
O Roozmand, N Ghasem-Aghaee, GJ Hofstede, MA Nematbakhsh, ...
Knowledge-Based Systems 24 (7), 1075-1095, 2011
Enriched LDA (ELDA): Combination of latent Dirichlet allocation with word co-occurrence analysis for aspect extraction
M Shams, A Baraani-Dastjerdi
Expert Systems with Applications 80, 136-146, 2017
A new segmentation method for lung HRCT images
R Garnavi, A Baraani-Dastjerdi, HA Moghaddam, M Giti, AA Rad
Digital Image Computing: Techniques and Applications (DICTA'05), 52-52, 2005
M Moradian, A Baraani
Journal of Theoretical & Applied Information Technology 6 (1), 2009
A heuristic personality-based bilateral multi-issue bargaining model in electronic commerce
F Nassiri-Mofakham, MA Nematbakhsh, N Ghasem-Aghaee, ...
International Journal of Human-Computer Studies 67 (1), 1-35, 2009
A practical electronic voting protocol using threshold schemes
A Baraani-Dastjerdi, J Pieprzyk, R Safani-Naini
University of Wollongong. Department of Computing Science, 1994
Links between the personalities, styles and performance in computer programming
Z Karimi, A Baraani-Dastjerdi, N Ghasem-Aghaee, S Wagner
Journal of Systems and Software 111, 228-241, 2016
GLP: A cryptographic approach for group location privacy
M Ashouri-Talouki, A Baraani-Dastjerdi, AA Selçuk
Computer Communications 35 (12), 1527-1533, 2012
An algorithm to mine general association rules from tabular data
S Ayubi, MK Muyeba, A Baraani, J Keane
Information Sciences 179 (20), 3520-3539, 2009
Security in databases: A survey study
A Baraani-Dastjerdi, J Pieprzyk, R Safavi-Naini
Department of Computer Science, The University of Wollongong, Wollongong …, 1996
Bidding strategy for agents in multi-attribute combinatorial double auction
F Nassiri-Mofakham, MA Nematbakhsh, A Baraani-Dastjerdi, ...
Expert Systems with Applications 42 (6), 3268-3295, 2015
Using Artificial Immune System and Fuzzy Logic for Alert Correlation.
M Bateni, A Baraani, A Ghorbani
IJ Network Security 15 (3), 190-204, 2013
A personality-based simulation of bargaining in e-commerce
F Nassiri-Mofakham, N Ghasem-Aghaee, M Ali Nematbakhsh, ...
Simulation & gaming 39 (1), 83-100, 2008
Mobicash: A new anonymous mobile payment system implemented by elliptic curve cryptography
S Bakhtiari, A Baraani, MR Khayyambashi
2009 WRI world congress on computer science and information engineering 3 …, 2009
An electronic marketplace based on reputation and learning
O Roozmand, MA Nematbakhsh, A Baraani
Journal of theoretical and applied electronic commerce research 2 (1), 1-17, 2007
A metric for measuring degree of service cohesion in service oriented designs
M Daghaghzadeh, AB Dastjerdi, H Daghaghzadeh
International Journal of Computer Science 8, 2011
The cloaked-centroid protocol: location privacy protection for a group of users of location-based services
M Ashouri-Talouki, A Baraani-Dastjerdi, AA Selçuk
Knowledge and Information Systems 45 (3), 589-615, 2015
Optimizing the performance and robustness of type-2 fuzzy group nearest-neighbor queries
N Ghadiri, A Baraani-Dastjerdi, N Ghasem-Aghaee, MA Nematbakhsh
Mobile Information Systems 7 (2), 123-145, 2011
Data quality measurement using data mining
S Farzi, AB Dastjerdi
International Journal of Computer Theory and Engineering 2 (1), 115, 2010
Complexity metric for analogy based effort estimation
V Bhattacherjee, PK Mahanti, S Kumar, S UPADHYAYA, R SETIYA, ...
J. Theoretical and Applied Information Technology 6 (1), 001-008, 2009
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