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Jamie Bright
Jamie Bright
DSO Forecasting Lead, UK Power Networks
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Stochastic generation of synthetic minutely irradiance time series derived from mean hourly weather observation data
JM Bright, CJ Smith, PG Taylor, R Crook
Solar Energy 115, 229-242, 2015
Verification of deterministic solar forecasts
D Yang, S Alessandrini, J Antonanzas, F Antonanzas-Torres, V Badescu, ...
Solar Energy 210, 20-37, 2020
Worldwide performance assessment of 75 global clear-sky irradiance models using principal component analysis
X Sun, JM Bright, CA Gueymard, B Acord, P Wang, NA Engerer
Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 111, 550-570, 2019
Worldwide validation of 8 satellite-derived and reanalysis solar radiation products: A preliminary evaluation and overall metrics for hourly data over 27 years
D Yang, JM Bright
Solar Energy 210, 3-19, 2020
A synthetic, spatially decorrelating solar irradiance generator and application to a LV grid model with high PV penetration
JM Bright, O Babacan, J Kleissl, PG Taylor, R Crook
Solar Energy 147, 83-98, 2017
Improved satellite-derived PV power nowcasting using real-time power data from reference PV systems
JM Bright, S Killinger, D Lingfors, NA Engerer
Solar Energy 168, 118-139, 2018
Cloud cover effect of clear-sky index distributions and differences between human and automatic cloud observations
CJ Smith, JM Bright, R Crook
Solar Energy 144, 10-21, 2017
Comparing the capability of low-and high-resolution LiDAR data with application to solar resource assessment, roof type classification and shading analysis
D Lingfors, JM Bright, NA Engerer, J Ahlberg, S Killinger, J Widén
Applied Energy 205, 1216-1230, 2017
On the search for representative characteristics of PV systems: Data collection and analysis of PV system azimuth, tilt, capacity, yield and shading
S Killinger, D Lingfors, YM Saint-Drenan, P Moraitis, W van Sark, J Taylor, ...
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Solcast: Validation of a satellite-derived solar irradiance dataset
JM Bright
Solar Energy 189, 435-449, 2019
A posteriori clear-sky identification methods in solar irradiance time series: Review and preliminary validation using sky imagers
CA Gueymard, JM Bright, D Lingfors, A Habte, M Sengupta
Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 109, 412-427, 2019
Worldwide performance assessment of 95 direct and diffuse clear-sky irradiance models using principal component analysis
X Sun, JM Bright, CA Gueymard, X Bai, B Acord, P Wang
Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 135, 110087, 2021
Climate-specific and global validation of MODIS Aqua and Terra aerosol optical depth at 452 AERONET stations
JM Bright, CA Gueymard
Solar Energy 183, 594-605, 2019
Identification of PV system shading using a LiDAR-based solar resource assessment model: An evaluation and cross-validation
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Nonparametric Bayesian-based recognition of solar irradiance conditions: Application to the generation of high temporal resolution synthetic solar irradiance data
A Frimane, T Soubdhan, JM Bright, M Aggour
Solar Energy 182, 462-479, 2019
Bright-Sun: A globally applicable 1-min irradiance clear-sky detection model
JM Bright, X Sun, CA Gueymard, B Acord, P Wang, NA Engerer
Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 121, 109706, 2020
Himawari-8 enabled real-time distributed PV simulations for distribution networks
NA Engerer, JM Bright, S Killinger
2017 IEEE 44th Photovoltaic Specialist Conference (PVSC), 1405-1410, 2017
Engerer2: Global re-parameterisation, update, and validation of an irradiance separation model at different temporal resolutions
JM Bright, NA Engerer
Journal of Renewable and Sustainable Energy 11 (3), 033701, 2019
The impact of globally diverse ghi training data: evaluation through application of a simple markov chain downscaling methodology
JM Bright
Renewable and Sustainable Energy 11 (2), 023703, 2019
irradpy: Python package for MERRA-2 download, extraction and usage for clear-sky irradiance modelling
JM Bright, X Bai, Y Zhang, X Sun, B Acord, P Wang
Solar Energy 199, 685-693, 2020
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