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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Dependency of a therapy-resistant state of cancer cells on a lipid peroxidase pathway
VS Viswanathan, MJ Ryan, HD Dhruv, S Gill, OM Eichhoff, ...
Nature 547 (7664), 453-457, 2017
Correlating chemical sensitivity and basal gene expression reveals mechanism of action
MG Rees, B Seashore-Ludlow, JH Cheah, DJ Adams, EV Price, S Gill, ...
Nature chemical biology 12 (2), 109-116, 2016
Harnessing connectivity in a large-scale small-molecule sensitivity dataset
B Seashore-Ludlow, MG Rees, JH Cheah, M Cokol, EV Price, ME Coletti, ...
Cancer discovery 5 (11), 1210-1223, 2015
Predicting cancer-specific vulnerability via data-driven detection of synthetic lethality
L Jerby-Arnon, N Pfetzer, YY Waldman, L McGarry, D James, E Shanks, ...
Cell 158 (5), 1199-1209, 2014
Validation and development of MTH1 inhibitors for treatment of cancer
UW Berglund, K Sanjiv, H Gad, C Kalderen, T Koolmeister, T Pham, ...
Annals of oncology 27 (12), 2275-2283, 2016
Prediction of intracellular exposure bridges the gap between target-and cell-based drug discovery
A Mateus, LJ Gordon, GJ Wayne, H Almqvist, H Axelsson, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 114 (30), E6231-E6239, 2017
Drug target commons: a community effort to build a consensus knowledge base for drug-target interactions
J Tang, B Ravikumar, Z Alam, A Rebane, M Vähä-Koskela, G Peddinti, ...
Cell chemical biology 25 (2), 224-229. e2, 2018
Enantioselective Synthesis of anti-β-Hydroxy-α-amido Esters via Transfer Hydrogenation
B Seashore-Ludlow, P Villo, C Häcker, P Somfai
Organic letters 12 (22), 5274-5277, 2010
Domino Carbopalladation–Cross-Coupling for the Synthesis of 3, 3-Disubstituted Oxindoles
B Seashore-Ludlow, P Somfai
Organic letters 14 (15), 3858-3861, 2012
Asymmetric Transfer Hydrogenation Coupled with Dynamic Kinetic Resolution in Water: Synthesis of anti-β-Hydroxy-α-amino Acid Derivatives
B Seashore-Ludlow, F Saint-Dizier, P Somfai
Organic letters 14 (24), 6334-6337, 2012
NAMPT is the cellular target of STF-31-like small-molecule probes
DJ Adams, D Ito, MG Rees, B Seashore-Ludlow, X Puyang, AH Ramos, ...
ACS chemical biology 9 (10), 2247-2254, 2014
DiSCoVERing innovative therapies for rare tumors: combining genetically accurate disease models with in silico analysis to identify novel therapeutic targets
AR Hanaford, TC Archer, A Price, UD Kahlert, J Maciaczyk, G Nikkhah, ...
Clinical Cancer Research 22 (15), 3903-3914, 2016
A general enantioselective route to the chamigrene natural product family
DE White, IC Stewart, BA Seashore-Ludlow, RH Grubbs, BM Stoltz
Tetrahedron 66 (26), 4668-4686, 2010
Targeting CDK 2 overcomes melanoma resistance against BRAF and Hsp90 inhibitors
A Azimi, S Caramuta, B Seashore‐Ludlow, J Boström, JL Robinson, ...
Molecular systems biology 14 (3), e7858, 2018
Enantioselective synthesis of anti-β-hydroxy-α-amido esters by asymmetric transfer hydrogenation in emulsions
B Seashore-Ludlow, P Villo, P Somfai
Chemistry-A European Journal 18 (23), 2719-2723, 2012
Domino carbopalladation‐carbonylation: investigation of substrate scope
B Seashore‐Ludlow, J Danielsson, P Somfai
Advanced Synthesis & Catalysis 354 (1), 205-216, 2012
Small-molecule studies identify CDK8 as a regulator of IL-10 in myeloid cells
L Johannessen, TB Sundberg, DJ O'Connell, R Kolde, J Berstler, ...
Nature chemical biology 13 (10), 1102-1108, 2017
Inhibitors of the Cysteine Synthase CysM with Antibacterial Potency against Dormant Mycobacterium tuberculosis
K Brunner, S Maric, RS Reshma, H Almqvist, B Seashore-Ludlow, ...
Journal of medicinal chemistry 59 (14), 6848-6859, 2016
Discovery of a small-molecule probe for V-ATPase function
LN Aldrich, SY Kuo, AB Castoreno, G Goel, P Kuballa, MG Rees, ...
Journal of the American chemical society 137 (16), 5563-5568, 2015
Domino Carbopalladation− Carbonylation: Generating Quaternary Stereocenters while Controlling β-Hydride Elimination
B Seashore-Ludlow, P Somfai
Organic letters 12 (17), 3732-3735, 2010
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