Synan AbuQamar
Synan AbuQamar
Professor of Plant Molecular Genetics, United Arab Emirates University üzerinde doğrulanmış e-posta adresine sahip - Ana Sayfa
Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Arabidopsis WRKY33 transcription factor is required for resistance to necrotrophic fungal pathogens
Z Zheng, S AbuQamar, Z Chen, T Mengiste
The Plant Journal 48 (4), 592-605, 2006
The BRI1-associated kinase 1, BAK1, has a brassinolide-independent role in plant cell-death control
B Kemmerling, A Schwedt, P Rodriguez, S Mazzotta, M Frank, ...
Current Biology 17 (13), 1116-1122, 2007
The membrane-anchored BOTRYTIS-INDUCED KINASE1 plays distinct roles in Arabidopsis resistance to necrotrophic and biotrophic pathogens
P Veronese, H Nakagami, B Bluhm, S AbuQamar, X Chen, J Salmeron, ...
The Plant Cell 18 (1), 257-273, 2006
Expression profiling and mutant analysis reveals complex regulatory networks involved in Arabidopsis response to Botrytis infection
S AbuQamar, X Chen, R Dhawan, B Bluhm, J Salmeron, S Lam, ...
The Plant Journal 48 (1), 28-44, 2006
HISTONE MONOUBIQUITINATION1 interacts with a subunit of the mediator complex and regulates defense against necrotrophic fungal pathogens in Arabidopsis
R Dhawan, H Luo, AM Foerster, S AbuQamar, HN Du, SD Briggs, ...
The Plant Cell 21 (3), 1000-1019, 2009
Crosstalk between biotic and abiotic stress responses in tomato is mediated by the AIM1 transcription factor
S AbuQamar, H Luo, K Laluk, MV Mickelbart, T Mengiste
The Plant Journal 58 (2), 347-360, 2009
Tomato protein kinase 1b mediates signaling of plant responses to necrotrophic fungi and insect herbivory
S AbuQamar, MF Chai, H Luo, F Song, T Mengiste
The Plant Cell 20 (7), 1964-1983, 2008
The Arabidopsis mitochondria-localized pentatricopeptide repeat protein PGN functions in defense against necrotrophic fungi and abiotic stress tolerance
K Laluk, S AbuQamar, T Mengiste
Plant Physiology 156 (4), 2053-2068, 2011
Polyamines attenuate ethylene-mediated defense responses to abrogate resistance to Botrytis cinerea in tomato
S Nambeesan, S AbuQamar, K Laluk, AK Mattoo, MV Mickelbart, ...
Plant Physiology 158 (2), 1034-1045, 2012
A mutation in the expansin‐like A2 gene enhances resistance to necrotrophic fungi and hypersensitivity to abiotic stress in Arabidopsis thaliana
S AbuQamar, S Ajeb, A Sham, MR Enan, R Iratni
Molecular Plant Pathology 14 (8), 813-827, 2013
Mitotic arrest and apoptosis in breast cancer cells induced by Origanum majorana extract: upregulation of TNF-alpha and downregulation of survivin and mutant p53
Y Al Dhaheri, A Eid, S AbuQamar, S Attoub, M Khasawneh, G Aiche, ...
PLOS ONE 8 (2), e56649, 2013
Mechanisms and strategies of plant defense against Botrytis cinerea
S AbuQamar, K Moustafa, LSP Tran
Critical Reviews in Biotechnology 37 (2), 263-275, 2017
Carnosol induces ROS-mediated beclin1-independent autophagy and apoptosis in triple negative breast cancer
Y Al Dhaheri, S Attoub, G Ramadan, K Arafat, K Bajbouj, N Karuvantevida, ...
PLOS ONE 9 (10), e109630, 2014
Salinomycin induces apoptosis and senescence in breast cancer: upregulation of p21, downregulation of survivin and histone H3 and H4 hyperacetylation
Y Al Dhaheri, S Attoub, K Arafat, S AbuQamar, A Eid, N Al Faresi, R Iratni
Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA)-General Subjects 1830 (4), 3121-3135, 2013
Metallothionein deficiency impacts copper accumulation and redistribution in leaves and seeds of Arabidopsis
MR Benatti, N Yookongkaew, M Meetam, WJ Guo, N Punyasuk, ...
New Phytologist 202 (3), 940-951, 2014
MAPK cascades and major abiotic stresses
K Moustafa, S AbuQamar, M Jarrar, AJ Al-Rajab, J Trémouillaux-Guiller
Plant Cell Reports 33 (8), 1217-1225, 2014
The Arabidopsis RESURRECTION1 gene regulates a novel antagonistic interaction in plant defense to biotrophs and necrotrophs
HG Mang, KA Laluk, EP Parsons, DK Kosma, BR Cooper, HC Park, ...
Plant Physiology 151 (1), 290-305, 2009
Identification of Arabidopsis Candidate Genes in Response to Biotic and Abiotic Stresses Using Comparative Microarrays
A Sham, K Moustafa, S Al-Ameri, A Al-Azzawi, R Iratni, S AbuQamar
PLOS ONE 10 (5), 0125666, 2015
Transcriptome analysis reveals genes commonly induced by Botrytis cinerea infection, cold, drought and oxidative stresses in Arabidopsis
A Sham, A Al-Azzawi, S Al-Ameri, B Al-Mahmoud, F Awwad, ...
PLOS ONE 9 (11), e113718, 2014
Anti-metastatic and anti-tumor growth effects of origanum majorana on highly metastatic human breast cancer cells: Inhibition of NFκB signaling and reduction of nitric oxide …
Y Al Dhaheri, S Attoub, K Arafat, S AbuQamar, J Viallet, A Saleh, ...
PLOS ONE 8 (7), e68808, 2013
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