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Naime Meric Konar
Naime Meric Konar
Assoc. Prof.Dr. at Bandırma Onyedi Eylul University
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Onewaytests: An R Package for One-Way Tests in Independent Groups Designs.
O Dag, A Dolgun, NM Konar
R Journal 10 (1), 2018
Endometrial cancer risk prediction including serum‐based biomarkers: results from the EPIC cohort
RT Fortner, A Hüsing, T Kühn, M Konar, K Overvad, A Tjønneland, ...
International journal of cancer 140 (6), 1317-1323, 2017
Plasma biomarkers of brain injury in COVID-19 patients with neurological symptoms
BE Sahin, A Celikbilek, Y Kocak, GT Saltoglu, NM Konar, L Hizmali
Journal of the Neurological Sciences 439, 120324, 2022
Burden of non-communicable disease studies in Europe: a systematic review of data sources and methodological choices
P Charalampous, V Gorasso, D Plass, SM Pires, E Von Der Lippe, ...
European Journal of Public Health 32 (2), 289-296, 2022
Does balneotherapy provide additive effects to physical therapy in patients with subacute supraspinatus tendinopathy? A randomized, controlled, single-blind study
C Koç, EE Kurt, FA Koçak, HR Erdem, NM Konar
International Journal of Biometeorology 65, 301-310, 2021
Neurological symptoms and neuronal damage markers in acute COVID‐19: Is there a correlation? A pilot study
BE Sahin, A Celikbilek, Y Kocak, B Ilanbey, GT Saltoglu, NM Konar, ...
Journal of Medical Virology 95 (1), e28240, 2023
Factors associated with depression, anxiety and stress levels among medical students
NM Konar
Ankara Medical Journal 20 (1), 90-104, 2020
Methodological considerations in injury burden of disease studies across Europe: a systematic literature review
P Charalampous, E Pallari, V Gorasso, E Von der Lippe, ...
BMC public health 22 (1), 1564, 2022
Status and trends of personalized medicine research from 2000 to 2020: a bibliometric analysis
NM Konar, S Karaismailoglu, E Karaismailoglu
Current Medical Research and Opinion 38 (5), 837-846, 2022
Factors effecting the model performance measures area under the ROC curve, net reclassification improvement and integrated discrimination improvement
E Karaismailoglu, NM Konar, D Goksuluk, AE Karaagaoglu
Communications in Statistics-Simulation and Computation 48 (9), 2586-2598, 2019
Prevalence and predictors of fear of childbirth in unselected pregnant women: A cross-sectional study
N Konar, B Özcan, A Taş, E Yağrıncalı, E Kaplan, A Erduran, B Kuzu, ...
Dokuz Eylül Üniversitesi Tıp Fakültesi Dergisi 35 (1), 13-22, 2021
Burden of infectious disease studies in Europe and the United Kingdom: a review of methodological design choices
P Charalampous, JA Haagsma, LS Jakobsen, V Gorasso, I Noguer, ...
Epidemiology & Infection 151, e19, 2023
Nasal Carriage of Staphylococcus aureus by medical students: assessment of antibiotic susceptibility and risk factors
FM Sezgin, S SARIHAN, HN Türkoğlu, M Yağmur, G Bucak, ...
Cumhuriyet Medical Journal 42 (3), 259-270, 2020
Research Regarding the Clinical Decision Support Systems: A Bibliometric Analysis
NM Konar
Applied Medical Informatics 43 (4), 164-175, 2021
Evaluation of satisfaction levels of expatriate patients presenting to emergency department
S Ersoy, NM Konar, HM Çalışkan, BM Sönmez, B Çelik, Ö Jaradat, ...
Emerg Care J 17, 9812, 2021
Analysing Biochemical Parameters and Developing Risk Prediction Models in Patients with Schizophrenia and Bipolar Disorder
IE Polat, D Kuzay, NM Konar
Electronic Journal of Medical and Educational Technologies 14 (3), em2112, 2021
Relationship between the endothelium biomarkers endocan and thrombomodulin and slow coronary flow.
SS Baysal, Ş Koç, BC Kaya, A Güneş, NM Konar, İH Altiparmak
Biomedical Research (0970-938X) 29 (7), 2018
The effect of hand anthropometric variables on grip strength in grip elite athletes and non-athletes
T Ulcay, B Kamaşak, K Kaya, E Kara, A Uzun, NM Konar
Turkish journal of sport and exercise 23 (1), 102-110, 2021
Comparison of the Effectiveness of Two Different Kinesio Taping Techniques Added to Exercises in the Treatment of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: Randomized Controlled Trial, Double …
MA Sahin, B Cigdem-Karacay, NM Konar, F Tuncay
Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, 2024
Current publication activity on nanoplastics & microplastics: a bibliometric analysis
G Aylaz, NM Konar
Sustainable Water Resources Management 10 (2), 95, 2024
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