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Tolga Ercan
Tolga Ercan
PhD, PE | ITS Project Manager at Connected Wise
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Does a battery-electric truck make a difference?–Life cycle emissions, costs, and externality analysis of alternative fuel-powered Class 8 heavy-duty trucks in the United States
B Sen, T Ercan, O Tatari
Journal of cleaner production 141, 110-121, 2017
Investigating carbon footprint reduction potential of public transportation in United States: A system dynamics approach
T Ercan, NC Onat, O Tatari
Journal of cleaner production 133, 1260-1276, 2016
A hybrid life cycle assessment of public transportation buses with alternative fuel options
T Ercan, O Tatari
The International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment 20 (9), 1213-1231, 2015
Optimization of transit bus fleet's life cycle assessment impacts with alternative fuel options
T Ercan, Y Zhao, O Tatari, JA Pazour
Energy 93, 323-334, 2015
Public transportation adoption requires a paradigm shift in urban development structure
T Ercan, NC Onat, O Tatari, JD Mathias
Journal of cleaner production 142, 1789-1799, 2017
On the front lines of a sustainable transportation fleet: applications of vehicle-to-grid technology for transit and school buses
T Ercan, M Noori, Y Zhao, O Tatari
Energies 9 (4), 230, 2016
Life cycle based multi-criteria optimization for optimal allocation of commercial delivery truck fleet in the United States
Y Zhao, T Ercan, O Tatari
Sustainable Production and Consumption 8, 18-31, 2016
Congestion relief based on intelligent transportation systems in Florida: analysis of triple bottom line sustainability impact
T Ercan, M Kucukvar, O Tatari, H Al-Deek
Transportation research record 2380 (1), 81-89, 2013
Robust Pareto optimal approach to sustainable heavy-duty truck fleet composition
B Sen, T Ercan, O Tatari, QP Zheng
Resources, Conservation and Recycling 146, 502-513, 2019
Life-cycle carbon, energy, and cost analysis of utilizing municipal solid waste bottom ash and recycled asphalt shingle in hot-mix asphalt
B Golestani, BH Nam, T Ercan, O Tatari
Geotechnical Frontiers 2017, 333-344, 2017
Sustainability analysis of intelligent transportation systems
T Ercan
Sustainability Performance Simulation of the US Urban Mobility Policies
T Ercan, N Keya, NC Onat, O Tatari, N Eluru
Transportation Research Board 97th Annual Meeting, 2018
Reading vehicular messages from smart road signs: a novel method to support vehicle-to-infrastructure in rural settings
E Karaaslan, B Sen, T Ercan, H Laman, J Pol
Transportation research record 2675 (11), 150-158, 2021
Smart Traffic Signs to Support Infrastructure-To-Vehicle Communication in the Rural Settings
E Karaaslan, B Sen, T Ercan, H Laman, J Pol
Transportation Research Board 100th Annual MeetingTransportation Research Board, 2021
A System Dynamics Approach on Sustainability Assessment of the United States Urban Commuter Transportation
T Ercan
Does the electrification of US heavy-duty trucks make a difference?
B Sen, T Ercan, O Tatari
Transportation Research Board 96th Annual MeetingTransportation Research Board, 2017
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