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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
A reproducible evaluation of ANTs similarity metric performance in brain image registration
BB Avants, NJ Tustison, G Song, PA Cook, A Klein, JC Gee
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Advanced normalization tools (ANTS)
BB Avants, N Tustison, G Song
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Evaluation of registration methods on thoracic CT: the EMPIRE10 challenge
K Murphy, B Van Ginneken, JM Reinhardt, S Kabus, K Ding, X Deng, ...
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Large-scale evaluation of ANTs and FreeSurfer cortical thickness measurements
NJ Tustison, PA Cook, A Klein, G Song, SR Das, JT Duda, BM Kandel, ...
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The Insight ToolKit image registration framework
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Object detection combining recognition and segmentation
L Wang, J Shi, G Song, IF Shen
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A construction of locality-aware overlay network: mOverlay and its performance
XY Zhang, Q Zhang, Z Zhang, G Song, W Zhu
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Untangling cycles for contour grouping
Q Zhu, G Song, J Shi
2007 IEEE 11th International Conference on Computer Vision, 1-8, 2007
Lung CT image registration using diffeomorphic transformation models
G Song, N Tustison, B Avants, JC Gee
Medical image analysis for the clinic: a grand challenge, 23-32, 2010
Feature analysis of hyperpolarized helium‐3 pulmonary MRI: a study of asthmatics versus nonasthmatics
NJ Tustison, TA Altes, G Song, EE de Lange, JP Mugler III, JC Gee
Magnetic Resonance in Medicine: An Official Journal of the International …, 2010
Computational analysis of thoracic multidetector row HRCT for segmentation and quantification of small airway air trapping and emphysema in obstructive pulmonary disease
EM Barbosa Jr, G Song, N Tustison, M Kreider, JC Gee, WB Gefter, ...
Academic Radiology 18 (10), 1258-1269, 2011
Point set registration using Havrda–Charvat–Tsallis entropy measures
NJ Tustison, SP Awate, G Song, TS Cook, JC Gee
IEEE transactions on medical imaging 30 (2), 451-460, 2010
Impact of water chemistry on surface charge and aggregation of polystyrene microspheres suspensions
S Lu, K Zhu, W Song, G Song, D Chen, T Hayat, NS Alharbi, C Chen, ...
Science of the total environment 630, 951-959, 2018
Ants: Open-source tools for normalization and neuroanatomy
BB Avants, NJ Tustison, G Song, JC Gee
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A dynamic bayesian network approach to multi-cue based visual tracking
T Wang, Q Diao, Y Zhang, G Song, C Lai, G Bradski
Proceedings of the 17th International Conference on Pattern Recognition …, 2004
3D MGRF-based appearance modeling for robust segmentation of pulmonary nodules in 3D LDCT chest images
A El-Baz, G Gimelfarb, R Falk, MA El-Ghar
Lung imaging and computer aided diagnosis 3, 51-63, 2011
Internal three-dimensional strains in human intervertebral discs under axial compression quantified noninvasively by magnetic resonance imaging and image registration
JH Yoder, JM Peloquin, G Song, NJ Tustison, SM Moon, AC Wright, ...
Journal of biomechanical engineering 136 (11), 2014
Pulmonary kinematics from image data: a review
NJ Tustison, TS Cook, G Song, JC Gee
Academic Radiology 18 (4), 402-417, 2011
Quantitative assessment of anatomical change using a virtual proton depth radiograph for adaptive head and neck proton therapy
P Wang, L Yin, Y Zhang, M Kirk, G Song, PH Ahn, A Lin, J Gee, D Dolney, ...
Journal of applied clinical medical physics 17 (2), 427-440, 2016
Semiautomatic segmentation of longitudinal computed tomography images in a rat model of lung injury by surfactant depletion
Y Xin, G Song, M Cereda, S Kadlecek, H Hamedani, Y Jiang, J Rajaei, ...
Journal of Applied Physiology 118 (3), 377-385, 2015
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