Waheed Iqbal
Waheed Iqbal
PUCIT, University of the Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Adaptive resource provisioning for read intensive multi-tier applications in the cloud
W Iqbal, MN Dailey, D Carrera, P Janecek
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SLA-driven adaptive resource management for web applications on a heterogeneous compute cloud
W Iqbal, MN Dailey, D Carrera
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W Iqbal, MN Dailey, D Carrera
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W Iqbal, A Erradia, A Mahmood
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Adaptive sliding windows for improved estimation of data center resource utilization
SR Baig, W Iqbal, JL Berral, D Carrera
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W Iqbal, MN Dailey, D Carrera
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A rule based stemming method for multilingual Urdu text
M Ali, S Khalid, MH Saleemi, W Iqbal, A Ali, G Naqvi
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On the use of CryptDB for securing Electronic Health data in the cloud: A performance study
F Shahzad, W Iqbal, FS Bokhari
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Real-time Data Center's Telemetry Reduction and Reconstruction Using Markov Chain Models
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Containers vs Virtual Machines for Auto-Scaling Multi-tier Applications Under Dynamically Increasing Workloads
A Muhammad, I Waheed, B Faisal
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Low cost quality aware multi-tier application hosting on the Amazon cloud
W Iqbal, MN Dailey, D Carrera
2014 International Conference on Future Internet of Things and Cloud, 202-209, 2014
Adaptive resource allocation for Back-end Mashup applications on a heterogeneous private cloud
W Iqbal, MN Dailey, I Ali, P Janecek, D Carrera
ECTI-CON2010: The 2010 ECTI International Confernce on Electrical …, 2010
Cleft prediction before birth using deep neural network
N Shafi, F Bukhari, W Iqbal, KM Almustafa, M Asif, Z Nawaz
Health informatics journal 26 (4), 2568-2585, 2020
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