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Aude Oliva
Aude Oliva
MIT College Director Strategic Industry Engagement; MIT Director MIT-IBM Lab; Senior Research
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Modeling the shape of the scene: A holistic representation of the spatial envelope
A Oliva, A Torralba
International journal of computer vision 42 (3), 145-175, 2001
Learning deep features for discriminative localization
B Zhou, A Khosla, A Lapedriza, A Oliva, A Torralba
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Learning deep features for scene recognition using places database
B Zhou, A Lapedriza, J Xiao, A Torralba, A Oliva
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Sun database: Large-scale scene recognition from abbey to zoo
J Xiao, J Hays, KA Ehinger, A Oliva, A Torralba
2010 IEEE computer society conference on computer vision and pattern …, 2010
Places: A 10 million image database for scene recognition
B Zhou, A Lapedriza, A Khosla, A Oliva, A Torralba
IEEE transactions on pattern analysis and machine intelligence 40 (6), 1452-1464, 2017
Contextual guidance of eye movements and attention in real-world scenes: the role of global features in object search.
A Torralba, A Oliva, MS Castelhano, JM Henderson
Psychological review 113 (4), 766, 2006
Building the gist of a scene: The role of global image features in recognition
A Oliva, A Torralba
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Object detectors emerge in deep scene cnns
Z Bolei, A Khosla, A Lapedriza, A Oliva, A Torralba
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Object detectors emerge in deep scene cnns
B Zhou, A Khosla, A Lapedriza, A Oliva, A Torralba
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Visual long-term memory has a massive storage capacity for object details
TF Brady, T Konkle, GA Alvarez, A Oliva
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Statistics of natural image categories
A Torralba, A Oliva
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A feedforward architecture accounts for rapid categorization
T Serre, A Oliva, T Poggio
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The role of context in object recognition
A Oliva, A Torralba
Trends in cognitive sciences 11 (12), 520-527, 2007
Network dissection: Quantifying interpretability of deep visual representations
D Bau, B Zhou, A Khosla, A Oliva, A Torralba
Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR), 2017
From blobs to boundary edges: Evidence for time-and spatial-scale-dependent scene recognition
PG Schyns, A Oliva
Psychological science 5 (4), 195-200, 1994
Temporal relational reasoning in videos
B Zhou, A Andonian, A Oliva, A Torralba
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Top-down control of visual attention in object detection
A Oliva, A Torralba, MS Castelhano, JM Henderson
Proceedings 2003 International Conference on Image Processing (Cat. No …, 2003
Gist of the scene
A Oliva
Neurobiology of attention, 251-256, 2005
What makes a visualization memorable?
MA Borkin, AA Vo, Z Bylinskii, P Isola, S Sunkavalli, A Oliva, H Pfister
IEEE transactions on visualization and computer graphics 19 (12), 2306-2315, 2013
Dr. Angry and Mr. Smile: When categorization flexibly modifies the perception of faces in rapid visual presentations
PG Schyns, A Oliva
Cognition 69 (3), 243-265, 1999
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