Emre Çevikcan
Emre Çevikcan
Endüstri Mühendisliği Profesörü, İstanbul Teknik Üniversitesi
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Industry 4.0: managing the digital transformation
A Ustundag, E Cevikcan
Springer, 2017
Maturity and readiness model for industry 4.0 strategy
KY Akdil, A Ustundag, E Cevikcan
Industry 4.0: Managing the digital transformation, 61-94, 2018
Fuzzy rule-based system for the economic analysis of RFID investments
A Ustundag, MS Kılınç, E Cevikcan
Expert systems with applications 37 (7), 5300-5306, 2010
A conceptual framework for Industry 4.0
C Salkin, M Oner, A Ustundag, E Cevikcan
Industry 4.0: Managing the Digital Transformation, 3-23, 2018
Technology roadmap for Industry 4.0
PA Sarvari, A Ustundag, E Cevikcan, I Kaya, S Cebi
Industry 4.0: Managing the digital transformation, 95-103, 2018
A team-oriented design methodology for mixed model assembly systems
E Cevikcan, MB Durmusoglu, ME Unal
Computers & Industrial Engineering 56 (2), 576-599, 2009
Intelligence decision systems in enterprise information management
C Kajraman, C Kahraman, İ Kaya, E Çevikcan
Journal of Enterprise Information Management, 2011
Fuzzy VIKOR and Fuzzy Axiomatic Design Versus to Fuzzy Topsis: An Application of Candidate Assessment.
E Cevikcan, S Cebi, I Kaya
J. Multiple Valued Log. Soft Comput. 15 (2-3), 181-208, 2009
A simulation-based methodology for the analysis of the effect of lean tools on energy efficiency: An application in power distribution industry
S Baysan, O Kabadurmus, E Cevikcan, SI Satoglu, MB Durmusoglu
Journal of cleaner production 211, 895-908, 2019
Vehicle route optimization for RFID integrated waste collection system
ALP Ustundag, E Cevi̇kcan
International Journal of Information Technology & Decision Making 7 (04 …, 2008
Supply chain management under fuzziness
C Kahraman, B Oztaysi
Recent Developments and Techniques 313, 1860-0808, 2014
Lean production systems for Industry 4.0
S Satoglu, A Ustundag, E Cevikcan, MB Durmusoglu
Industry 4.0: Managing the digital transformation, 43-59, 2018
Makine-teçhizat seçim probleminde bulanık karar verme süreci
İ Kaya, MS Kılınç, E Çevikcan
Mühendis ve Makina 49 (576), 8-14, 2007
Lean transformation integrated with Industry 4.0 implementation methodology
S Satoglu, A Ustundag, E Cevikcan, MB Durmusoglu
Industrial engineering in the Industry 4.0 Era, 97-107, 2018
Job selection based on fuzzy AHP: an investigation including the students of Istanbul Technical University Management Faculty
HS KILIÇ, E Çevikcan
International journal of business and management studies 3 (1), 173-182, 2011
Scheduling batches in multi hybrid cell manufacturing system considering worker resources: A case study from pipeline industry
OF Yilmaz, E Cevikcan, MB Durmusoglu
Advances in Production Engineering & Management 11 (3), 192-206, 2016
A fuzzy linear programming approach for aggregate production planning
C Iris, E Cevikcan
Supply chain management under fuzziness, 355-374, 2014
Axiomatic Design for Lean-oriented Occupational Health and Safety systems: An application in shipbuilding industry
F Babur, E Cevikcan, MB Durmusoglu
Computers & Industrial Engineering 100, 88-109, 2016
Integrating parts design characteristics and scheduling on parallel machines
E Cevikcan, MB Durmusoglu, M Baskak
Expert Systems with Applications 38 (10), 13232-13253, 2011
Minimising utility work and utility worker transfers for a mixed-model assembly line
E Cevikcan, MB Durmusoglu
International Journal of Production Research 49 (24), 7293-7314, 2011
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