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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Dynamics of 2-dof regenerative chatter during turning
NK Chandiramani, T Pothala
Journal of sound and vibration 290 (1-2), 448-464, 2006
On the free-vibration of rotating composite beams using a higher-order shear formulation
NK Chandiramani, L Librescu, CD Shete
Aerospace Science and Technology 6 (8), 545-561, 2002
The theory of orthotropic viscoelastic shear deformable composite flat panels and their dynamic stability
NK Chandiramani, L Librescu, J Aboudi
International journal of solids and structures 25 (5), 465-482, 1989
Vibration of higher-order-shearable pretwisted rotating composite blades
NK Chandiramani, CD Shete, LI Librescu
International Journal of Mechanical Sciences 45 (12), 2017-2041, 2003
Active control of a piezo-composite rotating beam using coupled plant dynamics
NK Chandiramani
Journal of Sound and Vibration 329 (14), 2716-2737, 2010
Dynamic stability of transversely isotropic viscoelastic plates
L Librescu, NK Chandiramani
Journal of sound and vibration 130 (3), 467-486, 1989
Semi-active vibration control of connected buildings using magnetorheological dampers
GB Motra, W Mallik, NK Chandiramani
Journal of intelligent material systems and structures 22 (16), 1811-1827, 2011
Optimal vibration control of a rotating composite beam with distributed piezoelectric sensing and actuation
NK Chandiramani, LI Librescu, V Saxena, A Kumar
Smart materials and structures 13 (2), 433, 2004
Optimal control of a pretwisted shearable smart composite rotating beam
CD Shete, NK Chandiramani, LI Librescu
Acta Mechanica 191 (1), 37-58, 2007
Non-linear flutter of a buckled shear-deformable composite panel in a high-supersonic flow
NK Chandiramani, RH Plaut, LI Librescu
International journal of non-linear mechanics 30 (2), 149-167, 1995
Experimental study of stick-slip dynamics in a friction wedge damper
NK Chandiramani, K Srinivasan, J Nagendra
Journal of sound and vibration 291 (1-2), 1-18, 2006
LQR control of wind excited benchmark building using variable stiffness tuned mass damper
SN Deshmukh, NK Chandiramani
Shock and Vibration 2014, 2014
Optimal static output feedback control of a building using an MR damper
S Purohit, NK Chandiramani
Structural Control and Health Monitoring 18 (8), 852-868, 2011
Flutter of geometrically-imperfect shear-deformable laminated flat panels using non-linear aerodynamics
NK Chandiramani, LI Librescu, RH Plaut
Journal of sound and vibration 192 (1), 79-100, 1996
Nonperiodic flutter of a buckled composite panel
NK Chandiramani, RH Plaut, LI Librescu
Sadhana 20 (2-4), 671-689, 1995
Postbuckling of laminated flat and curved panels under combined thermal and mechanical loadings
L Librescu, N Chandiramani, M Nemeth, J STARNES, JR
34th Structures, Structural Dynamics and Materials Conference, 1563, 1993
Recent results concerning the stability of viscoelastic shear deformable plates under compressive edge loading
L Librescu, NK Chandiramani
Dynamic stability of unidirectional fiber-reinforced viscoelastic composite plates
NK Chandiramani, L Librescu
Lateral-torsional response control of MR damper connected buildings
NK Chandiramani, GB Motra
ASME 2013 International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition, 2013
Semi-active control using magnetorhelogical dampers with output feedback and distributed sensing
NK Chandiramani, SP Purohit
Shock and Vibration 19 (6), 1427-1443, 2012
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