Sven Nelander
Sven Nelander
Professor at Uppsala University üzerinde doğrulanmış e-posta adresine sahip - Ana Sayfa
Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
The cancer genome atlas pan-cancer analysis project
JN Weinstein, EA Collisson, GB Mills, KRM Shaw, BA Ozenberger, ...
Nature genetics 45 (10), 1113, 2013
Subtype-specific genomic alterations define new targets for soft-tissue sarcoma therapy
J Barretina, BS Taylor, S Banerji, AH Ramos, M Lagos-Quintana, ...
Nature genetics 42 (8), 715, 2010
Origin of the U87MG glioma cell line: Good news and bad news
M Allen, M Bjerke, H Edlund, S Nelander, B Westermark
Science translational medicine 8 (354), 354re3-354re3, 2016
Models from experiments: combinatorial drug perturbations of cancer cells
S Nelander, W Wang, B Nilsson, QB She, C Pratilas, N Rosen, ...
Molecular systems biology 4 (1), 216, 2008
The human glioblastoma cell culture resource: validated cell models representing all molecular subtypes
Y Xie, T Bergström, Y Jiang, P Johansson, VD Marinescu, N Lindberg, ...
EBioMedicine 2 (10), 1351-1363, 2015
Identification of human intestinal alkaline sphingomyelinase as a novel ecto-enzyme related to the nucleotide phosphodiesterase family
RD Duan, T Bergman, N Xu, J Wu, Y Cheng, J Duan, S Nelander, ...
Journal of Biological Chemistry 278 (40), 38528-38536, 2003
Simultaneous multiplexed measurement of RNA and proteins in single cells
S Darmanis, CJ Gallant, VD Marinescu, M Niklasson, A Segerman, ...
Cell reports 14 (2), 380-389, 2016
Clinically significant copy number alterations and complex rearrangements of MYB and NFIB in head and neck adenoid cystic carcinoma
M Persson, Y Andrén, CA Moskaluk, HF Frierson Jr, SL Cooke, PA Futreal, ...
Genes, Chromosomes and Cancer 51 (8), 805-817, 2012
mRNA expression profiling of laser microbeam microdissected cells from slender embryonic structures.
SJ Scheidl, S Nelander (published as Nilsson), M Kalén, M Hellström, ...
Am J Pathol 160 (3), 801-13, 2002
RETRACTED: Vulnerability of glioblastoma cells to catastrophic vacuolization and death induced by a small molecule
SS Kitambi, EM Toledo, D Usoskin, S Wee, A Harisankar, R Svensson, ...
Cell 157 (2), 313-328, 2014
Off-target effects dominate a large-scale RNAi screen for modulators of the TGF-β pathway and reveal microRNA regulation of TGFBR2
N Schultz, DR Marenstein, DA De Angelis, WQ Wang, S Nelander, ...
Silence 2 (1), 3, 2011
Genome-wide association study identifies multiple susceptibility loci for multiple myeloma
JS Mitchell, N Li, N Weinhold, A Försti, M Ali, M Van Duin, G Thorleifsson, ...
Nature communications 7 (1), 1-9, 2016
Network modeling of the transcriptional effects of copy number aberrations in glioblastoma
R Jörnsten, T Abenius, T Kling, L Schmidt, E Johansson, TEM Nordling, ...
Molecular systems biology 7 (1), 486, 2011
The impact of phenotypic switching on glioblastoma growth and invasion
P Gerlee, S Nelander
PLoS Comput Biol 8 (6), e1002556, 2012
Rat-mouse and rat-human comparative maps based on gene homology and high-resolution zoo-FISH.
S Nelander (published as Nilsson), K Helou, A Walentinsson, C Szpirer, ...
Genomics 74 (3), 287-98, 2001
Gene expression analysis suggests that EBF-1 and PPARγ2 induce adipogenesis of NIH-3T3 cells with similar efficiency and kinetics
P Akerblad, R Mansson, A Lagergren, S Westerlund, B Basta, U Lind, ...
Physiological genomics 23 (2), 206-216, 2005
Variants in ELL2 influencing immunoglobulin levels associate with multiple myeloma
B Swaminathan, G Thorleifsson, M Jöud, M Ali, E Johnsson, R Ajore, ...
Nature communications 6 (1), 1-8, 2015
Predictive screening for regulators of conserved functional gene modules (gene batteries) in mammals
S Nelander, E Larsson, E Kristiansson, R Månsson, O Nerman, ...
BMC genomics 6 (1), 68, 2005
Bridging the gaps in systems biology
M Cvijovic, J Almquist, J Hagmar, S Hohmann, HM Kaltenbach, E Klipp, ...
Molecular Genetics and Genomics 289 (5), 727-734, 2014
Functional association networks as priors for gene regulatory network inference
ME Studham, A Tjärnberg, TEM Nordling, S Nelander, ELL Sonnhammer
Bioinformatics 30 (12), i130-i138, 2014
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