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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Contemporary rates of carbon sequestration through vertical accretion of sediments in mangrove forests and saltmarshes of South East Queensland, Australia
CE Lovelock, MF Adame, V Bennion, M Hayes, J O’Mara, R Reef, ...
Estuaries and coasts 37 (3), 763-771, 2014
Carbon stocks and soil sequestration rates of tropical riverine wetlands
MF Adame, NS Santini, C Tovilla, A Vázquez-Lule, L Castro, M Guevara
Biogeosciences 12 (12), 3805-3818, 2015
Soil moisture controls on phenology and productivity in a semi-arid critical zone
J Cleverly, D Eamus, NR Coupe, C Chen, W Maes, L Li, R Faux, ...
Science of the Total Environment 568, 1227-1237, 2016
Variation in wood density and anatomy in a widespread mangrove species
NS Santini, N Schmitz, CE Lovelock
Trees 26 (5), 1555-1563, 2012
Sea level and turbidity controls on mangrove soil surface elevation change
CE Lovelock, MF Adame, V Bennion, M Hayes, R Reef, N Santini, ...
Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science 153, 1-9, 2015
The use of fresh and saline water sources by the mangrove Avicennia marina
NS Santini, R Reef, DA Lockington, CE Lovelock
Hydrobiologia 745 (1), 59-68, 2015
Synthetic microbe communities provide internal reference standards for metagenome sequencing and analysis
SA Hardwick, WY Chen, T Wong, BS Kanakamedala, IW Deveson, ...
Nature communications 9 (1), 1-10, 2018
Root biomass and production of mangroves surrounding a karstic oligotrophic coastal lagoon
MF Adame, C Teutli, NS Santini, JP Caamal, A Zaldívar-Jiménez, ...
Wetlands 34 (3), 479-488, 2014
Differences in osmotic adjustment, foliar abscisic acid dynamics, and stomatal regulation between an isohydric and anisohydric woody angiosperm during drought
RH Nolan, T Tarin, NS Santini, SAM McAdam, R Ruman, D Eamus
Plant, cell & environment 40 (12), 3122-3134, 2017
Restoring subtidal marine macrophytes in the Anthropocene: trajectories and future-proofing
G Wood, EM Marzinelli, MA Coleman, AH Campbell, NS Santini, L Kajlich, ...
Marine and Freshwater Research, 2019
The response of the mangrove Avicennia marina to heterogeneous salinity measured using a split-root approach
R Reef, HL Markham, NS Santini, CE Lovelock
Plant and soil 393 (1), 297-305, 2015
Divergence in plant water-use strategies in semiarid woody species
RH Nolan, KA Fairweather, T Tarin, NS Santini, J Cleverly, R Faux, ...
Functional Plant Biology 44 (11), 1134-1146, 2017
The anatomical basis of the link between density and mechanical strength in mangrove branches
NS Santini, N Schmitz, V Bennion, CE Lovelock
Functional Plant Biology 40 (4), 400-408, 2013
The Pleistocene glacial cycles shaped the historical demography and phylogeography of a pine fungal endophyte
R Salas-Lizana, NS Santini, A Miranda-Pérez, DI Piñero
Mycological Progress 11 (2), 569-581, 2012
Xylem traits and water-use-efficiency of woody species co-occurring in the Ti Tree Basin Arid Zone
NS Santini, J Cleverly, R Faux, C Lestrange, R Rumman, D Eamus
Trees, Structure and Function, 2015
Mangroves in arid regions: Ecology, threats, and opportunities
MF Adame, R Reef, NS Santini, E Najera, MP Turschwell, MA Hayes, ...
Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science 248, 106796, 2021
Contrasting ecophysiology of two widespread arid zone tree species with differing access to water resources
RH Nolan, T Tarin, R Rumman, J Cleverly, KA Fairweather, S Zolfaghar, ...
Journal of Arid Environments 153, 1-10, 2018
Mulga, a major tropical dry open forest of Australia: recent insights to carbon and water fluxes
D Eamus, A Huete, J Cleverly, RH Nolan, X Ma, T Tarin, NS Santini
Environmental Research Letters 11 (12), 125011, 2016
Storage of organic carbon in the soils of Mexican temperate forests
NS Santini, A Maria Fernanda, N Rachael H, M Yosune, P Daniel, ...
Forest Ecology and Management 446, 115-125, 2019
Natural and regenerated saltmarshes exhibit similar soil and belowground organic carbon stocks, root production and soil respiration
NS Santini, CE Lovelock, Q Hua, A Zawadzki, D Mazumder, TR Mercer, ...
Ecosystems, 2019
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