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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
A pervasive millennial-scale cycle in North Atlantic Holocene and glacial climates
G Bond, G., Showers, W, Cheseby, M., Lotti, R., Almasi, P, deMenocal, P ...
Science 278 (5341), 1257-1266, 1997
A pervasive millennial-scale cycle in North Atlantic Holocene and glacial climates
Abrupt onset and termination of the African Humid Period:: rapid climate responses to gradual insolation forcing
P Demenocal, J Ortiz, T Guilderson, J Adkins, M Sarnthein, L Baker, ...
Quaternary science reviews 19 (1-5), 347-361, 2000
Plio-pleistocene African climate
PB Demenocal
Science 270 (5233), 53-59, 1995
African climate change and faunal evolution during the Pliocene–Pleistocene
BM Peter
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 220 (1-2), 3-24, 2004
Cultural responses to climate change during the late Holocene
PB DeMenocal
Science 292 (5517), 667-673, 2001
Coherent high-and low-latitude climate variability during the Holocene warm period
P DeMenocal, J Ortiz, T Guilderson, M Sarnthein
Science 288 (5474), 2198-2202, 2000
Climate change and the collapse of the Akkadian empire: Evidence from the deep sea
HM Cullen, PB Demenocal, S Hemming, G Hemming, FH Brown, ...
Geology 28 (4), 379-382, 2000
The Pliocene paradox (mechanisms for a permanent El Niño)
AV Fedorov, PS Dekens, M McCarthy, AC Ravelo, PB DeMenocal, ...
Science 312 (5779), 1485-1489, 2006
North Atlantic influence on Tigris–Euphrates streamflow
HM Cullen, PB Demenocal
International Journal of Climatology: A Journal of the Royal Meteorological …, 2000
Paleoclimatic significance of the mineral magnetic record of the Chinese loess and paleosols
BA Maher, R Thompson
Quaternary Research 37 (2), 155-170, 1992
Orbital forcing of climate over South Africa: a 200,000-year rainfall record from the Pretoria Saltpan
TC Partridge, PB Demenocal, SA Lorentz, MJ Paiker, JC Vogel
Quaternary Science Reviews 16 (10), 1125-1133, 1997
Mid-Holocene El Niño–Southern Oscillation (ENSO) attenuation revealed by individual foraminifera in eastern tropical Pacific sediments
A Koutavas, PB Demenocal, GC Olive, J Lynch-Stieglitz
Geology 34 (12), 993-996, 2006
Gas hydrate sampling on the Blake Ridge and Carolina Rise
CK Paull
Proc. ODP, Initial Reports, College Station, TX (Ocean Drilling Program), 1996
Impact of the North Atlantic Oscillation on Middle Eastern climate and streamflow
HM Cullen, A Kaplan, PA Arkin, PB Demenocal
Climatic Change 55 (3), 315-338, 2002
Evidence for a change in the periodicity of tropical climate cycles at 2.4 Myr from whole-core magnetic susceptibility measurements
J Bloemendal, P Demenocal
Nature 342 (6252), 897-900, 1989
Climate and human evolution
PB deMenocal
science 331 (6017), 540-542, 2011
Influences of high‐and low‐latitude processes on African terrestrial climate: Pleistocene eolian records from equatorial Atlantic Ocean Drilling Program site 663
PB Demenocal, WF Ruddiman, EM Pokras
Paleoceanography 8 (2), 209-242, 1993
Interlaboratory comparison study of Mg/Ca and Sr/Ca measurements in planktonic foraminifera for paleoceanographic research
Y Rosenthal, S Perron‐Cashman, CH Lear, E Bard, S Barker, K Billups, ...
Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems 5 (4), 2004
Abrupt shifts in Horn of Africa hydroclimate since the Last Glacial Maximum
JE Tierney, PB deMenocal
Science 342 (6160), 843-846, 2013
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