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Changbin Yu
Changbin Yu
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Rigid graph control architectures for autonomous formations
BDO Anderson, C Yu, B Fidan, JM Hendrickx
IEEE Control Systems Magazine 28 (6), 48-63, 2008
Cluster consensus control of generic linear multi-agent systems under directed topology with acyclic partition
J Qin, C Yu
Automatica 49 (9), 2898-2905, 2013
Formation control using range-only measurements
M Cao, C Yu, BDO Anderson
Automatica 47 (4), 776-781, 2011
Three and higher dimensional autonomous formations: Rigidity, persistence and structural persistence
C Yu, JM Hendrickx, B Fidan, BDO Anderson, VD Blondel
Automatica 43 (3), 387-402, 2007
Control of minimally persistent formations in the plane
C Yu, BDO Anderson, S Dasgupta, B Fidan
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Control of a three-coleader formation in the plane
BDO Anderson, C Yu, S Dasgupta, AS Morse
Systems & Control Letters 56 (9-10), 573-578, 2007
Leader–follower formation via complex Laplacian
Z Lin, W Ding, G Yan, C Yu, A Giua
Automatica 49 (6), 1900-1906, 2013
UAV formation control: Theory and application
B Anderson, B Fidan, C Yu, D Walle
Recent advances in learning and control, 15-33, 2008
Coordination for linear multiagent systems with dynamic interaction topology in the leader-following framework
J Qin, C Yu, H Gao
IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics 61 (5), 2412-2422, 2013
Localization and circumnavigation of a slowly moving target using bearing measurements
M Deghat, I Shames, BDO Anderson, C Yu
IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control 59 (8), 2182-2188, 2014
Control of minimally persistent leader-remote-follower and coleader formations in the plane
TH Summers, C Yu, S Dasgupta, BDO Anderson
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Maintaining a directed, triangular formation of mobile autonomous agents
BDO Anderson, M Cao, S Dasgupta, AS Morse, C Yu
Communications in information and Systems 11 (1), 1-16, 2011
Cluster synchronization in directed networks of partial-state coupled linear systems under pinning control
CB Yu, J Qin, H Gao
Automatica 50 (9), 2341-2349, 2014
Controlling a triangular formation of mobile autonomous agents
M Cao, AS Morse, C Yu, BDO Anderson, S Dasguvta
2007 46th ieee conference on decision and control, 3603-3608, 2007
Deterministic gossiping
J Liu, S Mou, AS Morse, BDO Anderson, C Yu
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Control of acyclic formations of mobile autonomous agents
M Cao, BDO Anderson, AS Morse, C Yu
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A dual quaternion solution to attitude and position control for rigid-body coordination
X Wang, C Yu, Z Lin
IEEE Transactions on Robotics 28 (5), 1162-1170, 2012
On discrete-time convergence for general linear multi-agent systems under dynamic topology
J Qin, H Gao, C Yu
IEEE transactions on automatic control 59 (4), 1054-1059, 2013
Stationary consensus of asynchronous discrete-time second-order multi-agent systems under switching topology
J Qin, C Yu, S Hirche
IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics 8 (4), 986-994, 2012
Collective circular motion of unicycle type vehicles with nonidentical constant velocities
GS Seyboth, J Wu, J Qin, C Yu, F Allgöwer
IEEE Transactions on control of Network Systems 1 (2), 167-176, 2014
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