hakan hosgormez
hakan hosgormez
geological engineer, istanbul university
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Abiotic methane flux from the Chimaera seep and Tekirova ophiolites (Turkey): understanding gas exhalation from low temperature serpentinization and implications for Mars
G Etiope, M Schoell, H Hosgörmez
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 310 (1-2), 96-104, 2011
New evidence for a mixed inorganic and organic origin of the Olympic Chimaera fire (Turkey): a large onshore seepage of abiogenic gas
H Hosgormez, G Etiope, MN Yalçin
Geofluids 8 (4), 263-273, 2008
The relative abundances of resolved l2CH2D2 and 13CH3D and mechanisms controlling isotopic bond ordering in abiotic and biotic methane gases
ED Young, IE Kohl, BS Lollar, G Etiope, D Rumble Iii, S Li, ...
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 203, 235-264, 2017
Origin of the natural gas seep of Cirali (Chimera), Turkey: Site of the first Olympic fire
H Hosgörmez
Journal of Asian Earth Sciences 30 (1), 131-141, 2007
The properties of Çan Basin coals (Çanakkale—Turkey): Spontaneous combustion and combustion by-products
G Gürdal, H Hoşgörmez, D Özcan, X Li, H Liu, W Song
International Journal of Coal Geology 138, 1-15, 2015
Gas-source rock correlation in Thrace basin, Turkey
H Hoşgörmez, MN Yalçın
Marine and Petroleum Geology 22 (8), 901-916, 2005
Isotopic and molecular composition of coal-bed gas in the Amasra region (Zonguldak basin—western Black Sea)
H Hoşgörmez, MN Yalçın, B Cramer, P Gerling, E Faber, RG Schaefer, ...
Organic Geochemistry 33 (12), 1429-1439, 2002
Molecular and isotopic composition of gas occurrences in the Thrace basin (Turkey): origin of the gases and characteristics of possible source rocks
H Hoşgörmez, MN Yalçın, B Cramer, P Gerling, U Mann
Chemical Geology 214 (1-2), 179-191, 2005
Microbial community structure in a serpentine-hosted abiotic gas seepage at the Chimaera Ophiolite, Turkey
A Neubeck, L Sun, B Müller, M Ivarsson, H Hosgörmez, D Özcan, ...
Applied and environmental microbiology 83 (12), e03430-16, 2017
Adsorption equilibria between dye and surfactant in single and binary systems onto geological materials
G Atun, M Tunçay, G Hisarli, RY Talman, H Hoşgörmez
Applied clay science 45 (4), 254-261, 2009
Origin and secondary alteration of coalbed and adjacent rock gases in the Zonguldak Basin, western Black Sea Turkey
H HOsgörmez
Geochemical Journal 41 (3), 201-211, 2007
Origin of the hydrocarbon gases carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide in Dodan Field (SE-Turkey)
H Hoşgörmez, MN Yalçın, C Soylu, İ Bahtiyar
Marine and petroleum geology 57, 433-444, 2014
Origin of Carbon Dioxide and Hydrocarbon Gases in Dodan and Silivanka Fields.(SE-Turkey)
H Hosgörmez, MN Yalçin, C Soylu
22st International Meeting on Organic Geochemistry, Seville, Spain 1, 526-527, 2005
A new Carboniferous coal/shale driven gas play in the Western Black Sea Region (Turkey)
MN Yalçın, S İnan, H Hoşgörmez, S Cetin
Marine and petroleum geology 19 (10), 1241-1256, 2002
Total yield and composition of hydrocarbon gases in the coal bearing units of the Zonguldak basin
H Hosgormez
12th International Petroleum Congress and Exhibition of Turkey, Proceedings …, 1998
Hydrocarbon gases in coals and adjacent strata of the Zonguldak Basin, Turkey
H Hosgormez
Gas Composition, Abstract, European Coal Conference'97, 5-10 May, Izmir-Turkey, 1997
Chimaera, A large Abiotic Gas Seep in Turkey
G Etiope, H Hoşgörmez, M Schoell
Search and Discovery Article# 80415 (2014), 2014
Yakaoren Village (Isparta) Gas Blow Out Risk Analysis and Modellings
E Canpolat, H Hosgormez
Investigation of Sulphate Reducing Bacteria in Petroleum Reservoirs of Dodan, Garzan ve Silivanka Fields (Se-Turkey)
Eİ Sungur, ND Güngör, H Hoşgörmez, A Çotuk
18th International Petroleum and Natural Gas Congress and Exhibition of …, 2011
The Time Domain IP Method In Geothermal Exploration: Balikesir (Gure) In Turkey
O Tezel, H Hoşgörmez, H Alp Hakan
Proc. World Geothermal Congress, 2010
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