Michael A. Kipp
Michael A. Kipp
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
The evolution of Earth's biogeochemical nitrogen cycle
EE Stüeken, MA Kipp, MC Koehler, R Buick
Earth-Science Reviews 160, 220-239, 2016
Biomass recycling and Earth’s early phosphorus cycle
MA Kipp, EE Stüeken
Science advances 3 (11), eaao4795, 2017
Spatial and temporal trends in Precambrian nitrogen cycling: A Mesoproterozoic offshore nitrate minimum
MC Koehler, EE Stüeken, MA Kipp, R Buick, AH Knoll
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 198, 315-337, 2017
Selenium isotopes record extensive marine suboxia during the Great Oxidation Event
MA Kipp, EE Stüeken, A Bekker, R Buick
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 114 (5), 875-880, 2017
Modeling pN2 through Geological Time: Implications for Planetary Climates and Atmospheric Biosignatures
EE Stüeken, MA Kipp, MC Koehler, EW Schwieterman, B Johnson, ...
Astrobiology 16 (12), 949-963, 2016
Pervasive aerobic nitrogen cycling in the surface ocean across the Paleoproterozoic Era
MA Kipp, EE Stüeken, M Yun, A Bekker, R Buick
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 500, 117-126, 2018
Transient surface ocean oxygenation recorded in the∼ 2.66-Ga Jeerinah Formation, Australia
MC Koehler, R Buick, MA Kipp, EE Stüeken, J Zaloumis
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 115 (30), 7711-7716, 2018
Redox fluctuations, trace metal enrichment and phosphogenesis in the~ 2.0 Ga Zaonega Formation
MA Kipp, A Lepland, R Buick
Precambrian Research 343, 105716, 2020
Basinal hydrographic and redox controls on selenium enrichment and isotopic composition in Paleozoic black shales
MA Kipp, TJ Algeo, EE Stüeken, R Buick
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 287, 229-250, 2020
Exploring cycad foliage as an archive of the isotopic composition of atmospheric nitrogen
MA Kipp, EE Stüeken, MM Gehringer, K Sterelny, JK Scott, PI Forster, ...
Geobiology 18 (2), 152-166, 2020
High Organic Burial Efficiency Is Required to Explain Mass Balance in Earth's Early Carbon Cycle
MA Kipp, J Krissansen‐Totton, DC Catling
Global Biogeochemical Cycles 35 (2), 2021
Benthic redox conditions and nutrient dynamics in the ca. 2.1 Ga Franceville sub-basin
J Aubineau, A El Albani, EC Fru, MA Kipp, JN Ikouanga, A Bekker
Precambrian Research 360, 106234, 2021
The sedimentary geochemistry and paleoenvironments project
ÚC Farrell, R Samawi, S Anjanappa, R Klykov, OO Adeboye, H Agic, ...
Geobiology, 2021
Carbon cycle inverse modeling suggests large changes in fractional organic burial are consistent with the carbon isotope record and may have contributed to the rise of oxygen
J Krissansen‐Totton, MA Kipp, DC Catling
Geobiology, 2021
Selenium Isotope Paleobiogeochemistry
EE Stüeken, MA Kipp
Cambridge University Press, 2020
Mercury abundance and isotopic composition indicate subaerial volcanism prior to the end-Archean “whiff” of oxygen
J Meixnerová, JD Blum, MW Johnson, EE Stüeken, MA Kipp, AD Anbar, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 118 (33), 2021
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