Mehmet Z. Baykara
Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Three-dimensional imaging of short-range chemical forces with picometre resolution
BJ Albers, TC Schwendemann, MZ Baykara, N Pilet, M Liebmann, ...
Nature nanotechnology 4 (5), 307-310, 2009
Solid lubrication with MoS2: a review
MR Vazirisereshk, A Martini, DA Strubbe, MZ Baykara
Lubricants 7 (7), 57, 2019
Three‐Dimensional Atomic Force Microscopy–Taking Surface Imaging to the Next Level
MZ Baykara, TC Schwendemann, EI Altman, UD Schwarz
Advanced materials 22 (26‐27), 2838-2853, 2010
Combined low-temperature scanning tunneling/atomic force microscope for atomic resolution imaging and site-specific force spectroscopy
BJ Albers, M Liebmann, TC Schwendemann, MZ Baykara, M Heyde, ...
Review of Scientific Instruments 79 (3), 033704, 2008
Structural lubricity under ambient conditions
E Cihan, S Ipek, E Durgun, MZ Baykara
Nature communications 7 (1), 1-6, 2016
Emerging superlubricity: A review of the state of the art and perspectives on future research
MZ Baykara, MR Vazirisereshk, A Martini
Applied Physics Reviews 5 (4), 041102, 2018
Understanding scanning tunneling microscopy contrast mechanisms on metal oxides: a case study
H Mönig, M Todorovic, MZ Baykara, TC Schwendemann, L Rodrigo, ...
ACS nano 7 (11), 10233-10244, 2013
Interface and electronic characterization of thin epitaxial Co3O4 films
CAF Vaz, HQ Wang, CH Ahn, VE Henrich, MZ Baykara, ...
Surface science 603 (2), 291-297, 2009
Data acquisition and analysis procedures for high-resolution atomic force microscopy in three dimensions
BJ Albers, TC Schwendemann, MZ Baykara, N Pilet, M Liebmann, ...
Nanotechnology 20 (26), 264002, 2009
Noncontact atomic force microscopy: an emerging tool for fundamental catalysis research
EI Altman, MZ Baykara, UD Schwarz
Accounts of chemical research 48 (9), 2640-2648, 2015
Effect of roughness on the layer-dependent friction of few-layer graphene
Z Ye, A Balkanci, A Martini, MZ Baykara
Physical Review B 96 (11), 115401, 2017
Atom-specific forces and defect identification on surface-oxidized Cu (100) with combined 3D-AFM and STM measurements
MZ Baykara, M Todorović, H Mönig, TC Schwendemann, Ö Ünverdi, ...
Physical Review B 87 (15), 155414, 2013
Probing three-dimensional surface force fields with atomic resolution: Measurement strategies, limitations, and artifact reduction
MZ Baykara, OE Dagdeviren, TC Schwendemann, H Mönig, EI Altman, ...
Beilstein journal of nanotechnology 3 (1), 637-650, 2012
Nanoscale tribology of graphene grown by chemical vapor deposition and transferred onto silicon oxide substrates
T Demirbaş, MZ Baykara
Journal of Materials Research 31 (13), 1914-1923, 2016
Synergetic effects of surface texturing and solid lubricants to tailor friction and wear–A review
A Rosenkranz, HL Costa, MZ Baykara, A Martini
Tribology International, 106792, 2020
Genetically-tunable mechanical properties of bacterial functional amyloid nanofibers
MT Abdelwahab, E Kalyoncu, T Onur, MZ Baykara, UOS Seker
Langmuir 33 (17), 4337-4345, 2017
Three-dimensional interaction force and tunneling current spectroscopy of point defects on rutile TiO2(110)
MZ Baykara, H Mönig, TC Schwendemann, Ö Ünverdi, EI Altman, ...
Applied Physics Letters 108 (7), 071601, 2016
Structural superlubricity of platinum on graphite under ambient conditions: The effects of chemistry and geometry
A Özoğul, S Ipek, E Durgun, MZ Baykara
Applied Physics Letters 111 (21), 211602, 2017
Nonuniform friction-area dependency for antimony oxide surfaces sliding on graphite
C Ritter, MZ Baykara, B Stegemann, M Heyde, K Rademann, J Schroers, ...
Physical Review B 88 (4), 045422, 2013
Advanced atomic force microscopy techniques
T Glatzel, H Hölscher, T Schimmel, MZ Baykara, UD Schwarz, R Garcia
Beilstein journal of nanotechnology 3 (1), 893-894, 2012
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