Mike Barnett
Mike Barnett
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Electromagnetism supercharged! Learning physics with digital simulation games
K Squire, M Barnett, JM Grant, T Higginbotham
Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 2004
Using activity theory to understand the systemic tensions characterizing a technology-rich introductory astronomy course
SA Barab, M Barnett, L Yamagata-Lynch, K Squire, T Keating
Mind, Culture, and Activity 9 (2), 76-107, 2002
Virtual solar system project: Building understanding through model building
SA Barab, KE Hay, M Barnett, T Keating
Journal of Research in Science Teaching: The Official Journal of the …, 2000
Developing an empirical account of a community of practice: Characterizing the essential tensions
SA Barab, M Barnett, K Squire
The journal of the learning sciences 11 (4), 489-542, 2002
Constructing virtual worlds: Tracing the historical development of learner practices
SA Barab, KE Hay, M Barnett, K Squire
Cognition and instruction 19 (1), 47-94, 2001
Designed curriculum and local culture: Acknowledging the primacy of classroom culture
KD Squire, JG MaKinster, M Barnett, AL Luehmann, SL Barab
Science education 87 (4), 468-489, 2003
Vocational knowledge and vocational pedagogy
M Barnett
Knowledge, curriculum and qualifications for South African further education …, 2006
Addressing children's alternative frameworks of the moon's phases and eclipses
M Barnett, J Morran
International journal of science education 24 (8), 859-879, 2002
The impact of science fiction film on student understanding of science
M Barnett, H Wagner, A Gatling, J Anderson, M Houle, A Kafka
Journal of Science Education and Technology 15 (2), 179-191, 2006
Virtual solar system project: Learning through a technology-rich, inquiry-based, participatory learning environment
SA Barab, KE Hay, K Squire, M Barnett, R Schmidt, K Karrigan, ...
Journal of Science Education and Technology 9 (1), 7-25, 2000
Issues and trends concerning electronic networking technologies for teacher professional development: A critical review of the literature
M Barnett
Annual Meeting of the American Educational Research Association, New Orleans, LA, 2002
Using emerging technologies to help bridge the gap between university theory and classroom practice: Challenges and successes
M Barnett, W Harwood, T Keating, J Saam
School Science and Mathematics 102 (6), 299-313, 2002
Using a web-based professional development system to support preservice teachers in examining authentic classroom practice
M Barnett
Journal of Technology and Teacher Education 14 (4), 701-729, 2006
Using virtual reality computer models to support student understanding of astronomical concepts
M Barnett
Journal of computers in Mathematics and Science Teaching 24 (4), 333-356, 2005
Using the urban environment to engage youths in urban ecology field studies
M Barnett, C Lord, E Strauss, C Rosca, H Langford, D Chavez, L Deni
The Journal of Environmental Education 37 (2), 3-11, 2006
Learning physics with digital game simulations in middle school science
JL Anderson, M Barnett
Journal of science education and technology 22 (6), 914-926, 2013
Incorporating engineering design into elementary school science curricula
KB Wendell, KG Connolly, CG Wright, L Jarvin, C Rogers, M Barnett, ...
American Society for Engineering Education Annual Conference & Exposition …, 2010
The virtual solar system project: developing conceptual understanding of astronomical concepts through building three-dimensional computational models
T Keating, M Barnett, SA Barab, KE Hay
Journal of Science Education and Technology 11 (3), 261-275, 2002
Using video games to support pre-service elementary teachers learning of basic physics principles
J Anderson, M Barnett
Journal of Science Education and Technology 20 (4), 347-362, 2011
The impact of three‐dimensional computational modeling on student understanding of astronomical concepts: A quantitative analysis
JA Hansen, M Barnett, JG MaKinster, T Keating
International Journal of Science Education 26 (11), 1365-1378, 2004
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