Cristina Silva Pereira
Cristina Silva Pereira
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Ionic liquids: a pathway to environmental acceptability
M Petkovic, KR Seddon, LPN Rebelo, CS Pereira
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Novel biocompatible cholinium-based ionic liquids—toxicity and biodegradability
M Petkovic, JL Ferguson, HQN Gunaratne, R Ferreira, MC Leitao, ...
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Cork taint in wine: scientific knowledge and public perception—a critical review
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Rapid deposition of extensin during the elicitation of grapevine callus cultures is specifically catalyzed by a 40-kilodalton peroxidase
PAP Jackson, CIR Galinha, CS Pereira, A Fortunato, NC Soares, ...
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Cholinium‐based Supported Ionic Liquid Membranes: A Sustainable Route for Carbon Dioxide Separation
LC Tomé, DJS Patinha, R Ferreira, H Garcia, C Silva Pereira, CSR Freire, ...
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Isolation of suberin from birch outer bark and cork using ionic liquids: a new source of macromonomers
R Ferreira, H Garcia, AF Sousa, CSR Freire, AJD Silvestre, LPN Rebelo, ...
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Unravelling the mechanism of toxicity of alkyltributylphosphonium chlorides in Aspergillus nidulans conidia
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Five new Penicillium species in section Sclerotiora: a tribute to the Dutch Royal family
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Role of Chrysonilia sitophila in the quality of cork stoppers for sealing wine bottles
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The environmental behaviour of polychlorinated phenols and its relevance to cork forest ecosystems: a review
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Unveiling the dual role of the cholinium hexanoate ionic liquid as solvent and catalyst in suberin depolymerisation
R Ferreira, H Garcia, AF Sousa, M Guerreiro, FJS Duarte, CSR Freire, ...
RSC Advances 4 (6), 2993-3002, 2014
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