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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Municipal solid waste management strategies in Turkey
NG Turan, S Çoruh, A Akdemir, ON Ergun
Waste Management 29 (1), 465-469, 2009
Modelling of lead adsorption from industrial sludge leachate on red mud by using RSM and ANN
F Geyikçi, E Kılıç, S Çoruh, S Elevli
Chemical Engineering Journal 183, 53-59, 2012
The removal of zinc ions by natural and conditioned clinoptilolites
S Çoruh
Desalination 225 (1-3), 41-57, 2008
Use of fly ash, phosphogypsum and red mud as a liner material for the disposal of hazardous zinc leach residue waste
S Çoruh, ON Ergun
Journal of hazardous materials 173 (1-3), 468-473, 2010
A comparison of the properties of natural clinoptilolites and their ion-exchange capacities for silver removal
S Çoruh, G Şenel, ON Ergun
Journal of Hazardous Materials 180 (1-3), 486-492, 2010
Treatment of copper industry waste and production of sintered glass-ceramic
S Çoruh, ON Ergun, TW Cheng
Waste management & research 24 (3), 234-241, 2006
The use of NARX neural network for modeling of adsorption of zinc ions using activated almond shell as a potential biosorbent
S Çoruh, F Geyikçi, E Kılıç, U Çoruh
Bioresource technology 151, 406-410, 2014
Ni2+ removal from aqueous solutions using conditioned clinoptilolites: Kinetic and isotherm studies
S Çoruh, ON Ergun
Environmental Progress & Sustainable Energy: An Official Publication of the …, 2009
Adsorption of basic dye from wastewater using raw and activated red mud
S Çoruh, F Geyikçi, O Nuri Ergun
Environmental technology 32 (11), 1183-1193, 2011
Leaching characteristics of copper flotation waste before and after vitrification
S Çoruh, ON Ergun
Journal of environmental management 81 (4), 333-338, 2006
Production of brown and black pigments by using flotation waste from copper slag
E Ozel, S Turan, S Coruh, ON Ergun
Waste management & research 24 (2), 125-133, 2006
Assessment of leaching characteristics of heavy metals from industrial leach waste
S Çoruh, S Elevli, ON Ergun, G Demir
International Journal of Mineral Processing 123, 165-171, 2013
Adsorption of copper (II) ions on montmorillonite and sepiolite clays: equilibrium and kinetic studies
S Çoruh, F Geyikci
Desalination and Water Treatment 45 (1-3), 351-360, 2012
Statistical evaluation and optimization of factors affecting the leaching performance of copper flotation waste
S Coruh, S Elevli, F Geyikçi
The Scientific World Journal 2012, 2012
Optimization of malachite green dye removal by sepiolite clay using a central composite design
S Coruh, S Elevli
Global NEST Journal 16, 339-347, 2014
Immobilization of copper flotation waste using red mud and clinoptilolite
S Coruh
Waste management & research 26 (5), 409-418, 2008
Adsorption of silver from aqueous solution onto fly ash and phosphogypsum using full factorial design
S Çoruh, S Elevli, G Şenel, ON Ergun
Environmental Progress & Sustainable Energy 30 (4), 609-619, 2011
Development of Experimental Results by Artificial Neural Network Model for Adsorption of Cu2+ Using Single Wall Carbon Nanotubes
F Geyikçi, S Çoruh, E Kılıç
Separation Science and Technology 48 (10), 1490-1499, 2013
Leaching behavior and immobilization of heavy metals in zinc leach residue before and after thermal treatment
G Demır, S Çoruh, ON Ergun
Environmental Progress 27 (4), 479-486, 2008
Optimization study of dye removal by cement kiln dust using the central composite design of experiments
S Coruh, S Elevli
Global NEST Journal 17 (1), 93-102, 2015
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