Dirk Tempelaar
Dirk Tempelaar
associate professor, Maastricht University School of Business and Economics
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
In search for the most informative data for feedback generation: Learning analytics in a data-rich context
DT Tempelaar, B Rienties, B Giesbers
Computers in Human Behavior 47, 157-167, 2015
Investigating the relations between motivation, tool use, participation, and performance in an e-learning course using web-videoconferencing
B Giesbers, B Rienties, D Tempelaar, W Gijselaers
Computers in Human Behavior 29 (1), 285-292, 2013
The role of academic motivation in Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning
B Rienties, D Tempelaar, P Van den Bossche, W Gijselaers, M Segers
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A dynamic analysis of the interplay between asynchronous and synchronous communication in online learning: The impact of motivation
B Giesbers, B Rienties, D Tempelaar, W Gijselaers
Journal of Computer Assisted Learning 30 (1), 30-50, 2014
A structural equation model analyzing the relationship of student achievement motivations and personality factors in a range of academic subject-matter areas
DT Tempelaar, WH Gijselaers, SS van der Loeff, JFH Nijhuis
Contemporary Educational Psychology 32 (1), 105-131, 2007
The role of scaffolding and motivation in CSCL
B Rienties, B Giesbers, D Tempelaar, S Lygo-Baker, M Segers, ...
Computers & Education 59 (3), 893-906, 2012
How achievement emotions impact students' decisions for online learning, and what precedes those emotions
DT Tempelaar, A Niculescu, B Rienties, WH Gijselaers, B Giesbers
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The role of cultural dimensions of international and Dutch students on academic and social integration and academic performance in the Netherlands
B Rienties, D Tempelaar
International Journal of Intercultural Relations 37 (2), 188-201, 2013
A structural equation model analyzing the relationship of students’ attitudes toward statistics, prior reasoning abilities and course performance
DT Tempelaar, SS Van Der Loeff, WH Gijselaers
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Educating leaders for the new competitive environment
RG Milter, JE Stinson
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The structural relationship between students’ epistemological beliefs and conceptions of teaching and learning
H Otting, W Zwaal, D Tempelaar, W Gijselaers
Studies in Higher Education 35 (7), 741-760, 2010
Simplicity, inference and modelling: keeping it sophisticatedly simple
A Zellner, HA Keuzenkamp, M McAleer
Cambridge University Press, 2001
Formative assessment and learning analytics
DT Tempelaar, A Heck, H Cuypers, H van der Kooij, E van de Vrie
Proceedings of the third international conference on learning analytics and …, 2013
The role of metacognition in business education
DT Tempelaar
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W Gijselaers
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Student profiling in a dispositional learning analytics application using formative assessment
D Tempelaar, B Rienties, J Mittelmeier, Q Nguyen
Computers in Human Behavior 78, 408-420, 2018
Social presence, Web videoconferencing and learning in virtual teams
B Giesbers, B Rienties, WH Gijselaers, M Segers, DT Tempelaar
Industry and Higher Education 23 (4), 301-309, 2009
The pivotal role of effort beliefs in mediating implicit theories of intelligence and achievement goals and academic motivations
DT Tempelaar, B Rienties, B Giesbers, WH Gijselaers
Social Psychology of Education 18 (1), 101-120, 2015
A review of the role of Information Communication Technology and course design in transitional education practices
B Rienties, W Kaper, K Struyven, D Tempelaar, L Van Gastel, S Vrancken, ...
Interactive Learning Environments 20 (6), 563-581, 2012
Towards actionable learning analytics using dispositions
DT Tempelaar, B Rienties, Q Nguyen
IEEE Transactions on Learning Technologies 10 (1), 6-16, 2017
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