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Syed Hammad Mian
Syed Hammad Mian
Advanced Manufacturing Institute, King Saud University
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Additive manufacturing: Challenges, trends, and applications
O Abdulhameed, A Al-Ahmari, W Ameen, SH Mian
Advances in Mechanical Engineering 11 (2), 1687814018822880, 2019
Adapting universities for sustainability education in industry 4.0: Channel of challenges and opportunities
SH Mian, B Salah, W Ameen, K Moiduddin, H Alkhalefah
Sustainability 12 (15), 6100, 2020
Virtual reality-based engineering education to enhance manufacturing sustainability in industry 4.0
B Salah, MH Abidi, SH Mian, M Krid, H Alkhalefah, A Abdo
Sustainability 11 (5), 1477, 2019
Assessment and comparison of various MCDM approaches in the selection of manufacturing process
AM Ghaleb, H Kaid, A Alsamhan, SH Mian, L Hidri
Advances in Materials Science and Engineering 2020 (1), 4039253, 2020
Analysis of performance measures of flexible manufacturing system
AM El-Tamimi, MH Abidi, SH Mian, J Aalam
Journal of King Saud University-Engineering Sciences 24 (2), 115-129, 2012
Influence of process parameters on dimensional accuracy of machined Titanium (Ti-6Al-4V) alloy in Laser Beam Machining Process
T Muthuramalingam, K Moiduddin, R Akash, S Krishnan, SH Mian, ...
Optics & Laser Technology 132, 106494, 2020
Feature-based design approach for integrated CAD and computer-aided inspection planning
A Kamrani, E Abouel Nasr, A Al-Ahmari, O Abdulhameed, SH Mian
The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology 76, 2159-2183, 2015
New developments in coordinate measuring machines for manufacturing industries
SH Mian, A Al-Ahmari
International Journal of Metrology and Quality Engineering 5 (1), 101, 2014
Enhance performance of inspection process on Coordinate Measuring Machine
SH Mian, A Al-Ahmari
Measurement 47, 78-91, 2014
Performance analysis of electrochemical micro machining of titanium (Ti-6Al-4V) alloy under different electrolytes concentrations
G Thangamani, M Thangaraj, K Moiduddin, SH Mian, H Alkhalefah, ...
Metals 11 (2), 247, 2021
An investigation of the micro-electrical discharge machining of nickel-titanium shape memory alloy using grey relations coupled with principal component analysis
MH Abidi, AM Al-Ahmari, AN Siddiquee, SH Mian, MK Mohammed, ...
Metals 7 (11), 486, 2017
Manufacturability of overhanging holes using electron beam melting
W Ameen, A Al-Ahmari, MK Mohammed, SH Mian
Metals 8 (6), 397, 2018
Evaluation of handheld scanners for automotive applications
W Ameen, AM Al-Ahmari, S Hammad Mian
Applied Sciences 8 (2), 217, 2018
Fabrication and analysis of a Ti6Al4V implant for cranial restoration
K Moiduddin, SH Mian, U Umer, H Alkhalefah
Applied Sciences 9 (12), 2513, 2019
The influence of surface topology on the quality of the point cloud data acquired with laser line scanning probe
S Hammad Mian, M Abdul Mannan, A M. Al-Ahmari
Sensor Review 34 (3), 255-265, 2014
Comparative analysis of different digitization systems and selection of best alternative
SH Mian, A Al-Ahmari
Journal of Intelligent Manufacturing 30, 2039-2067, 2019
Adaptive mechanism for designing a personalized cranial implant and its 3D printing using PEEK
SH Mian, K Moiduddin, SM Elseufy, H Alkhalefah
Polymers 14 (6), 1266, 2022
Controlling the material removal and roughness of Inconel 718 in laser machining
N Ahmed, M Rafaqat, S Pervaiz, U Umer, H Alkhalefa, MA Shar, SH Mian
Materials and Manufacturing Processes 34 (10), 1169-1181, 2019
Digital design, analysis and 3D printing of prosthesis scaffolds for mandibular reconstruction
K Moiduddin, SH Mian, H Alkhalefah, U Umer
Metals 9 (5), 569, 2019
Evaluation of 3D printing approach for manual assembly training
A Al-Ahmari, W Ameen, MH Abidi, SH Mian
International Journal of Industrial Ergonomics 66, 57-62, 2018
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