Peter E. Doolittle
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Constructivism: The career and technical education perspective.
PE Doolittle, WG Camp
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Vygotsky's Zone of Proximal Development as a Theoretical Foundation for Cooperative Learning.
PE Doolittle
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PE Doolittle, D Hicks
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Constructivism and online education
PE Doolittle
Reciprocal teaching for reading comprehension in higher education: A strategy for fostering the deeper understanding of texts
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International Journal of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education 17 (2 …, 2006
Teacher portfolio assessment
P Doolittle
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Complex constructivism: A theoretical model of complexity and cognition.
PE Doolittle
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ED Ragan, SR Jennings, JD Massey, PE Doolittle
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Multimedia learning and individual differences: Mediating the effects of working memory capacity with segmentation
DL Lusk, AD Evans, TR Jeffrey, KR Palmer, CS Wikstrom, PE Doolittle
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Multimedia learning: Empirical results and practical applications
PE Doolittle
The proceedings of the Irish Educational Technology Users' Conference, 2002
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PE Doolittle, GIJ MaRIanO
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D Hicks, PE Doolittle, ET Ewing
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The need to leverage theory in the development of guidelines for using technology in social studies teacher preparation: A reply to Crocco and Mason et al
PE Doolittle
Contemporary Issues in Technology and Teacher Education 1 (4), 501-516, 2001
Fostering analysis in historical inquiry through multimedia embedded scaffolding
D Hicks, PE Doolittle
Theory & Research in Social Education 36 (3), 206-232, 2008
Recommended Syllabus Components: What Do Higher Education Faculty Include in Their Syllabi?.
PE Doolittle, RA Siudzinski
Journal on Excellence in College Teaching 21 (3), 29-61, 2010
Global connections: Using the Internet to support citizenship education
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Fostering self-efficacy through time management in an online learning environment
KP Terry, PE Doolittle
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Learning social studies: An evidence-based approach.
D Hicks, S van Hover, PE Doolittle, P VanFossen
American Psychological Association, 2012
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