Anantachai Padcharoen
Anantachai Padcharoen
Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Science and Technology, Rambhai Barni Rajabhat University üzerinde doğrulanmış e-posta adresine sahip - Ana Sayfa
Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Fixed point and periodic point results for α-type F-contractions in modular metric spaces
A Padcharoen, D Gopal, P Chaipunya, P Kumam
Fixed Point Theory and Applications 2016 (1), 1-12, 2016
Split common fixed point problems for demicontractive operators
A Padcharoen, P Kumam, YJ Cho
Numerical Algorithms 82 (1), 297-320, 2019
Strong convergence of modified viscosity implicit approximation methods for asymptotically nonexpansive mappings in complete CAT (0) spaces
N Pakkaranang, P Kumam, YJ Cho, P Saipara, A Padcharoen, ...
J. Math. Comput. Sci 17 (3), 345-354, 2017
Algorithms for zeros of two accretive operators for solving convex minimization problems and its application to image restoration problems
D Kitkuan, P Kumam, A Padcharoen, W Kumam, P Thounthong
Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics 354, 471-495, 2019
Generalized Suzuki type Z-contraction in complete metric spaces
A Padcharoen, P Kumam, P Saipara, P Chaipunya
Kragujevac Journal of Mathematics 42 (3), 419-430, 2018
Augmented Lagrangian method for TV-l1-l2 based colour image restoration
A Padcharoen, P Kumam, J Martínez-Moreno
Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics 354, 507-519, 2019
Coincidence and periodic point results in a modular metric space endowed with a graph and applications, Creat. Math
A Padcharoen, P Kumam, D Gopal
Inform 26 (1), 95-104, 2017
A new approach to study fixed point of multivalued mappings in modular metric spaces and applications
D Jain, A Padcharoen, P Kumam, D Gopal
Mathematics 4 (3), 51, 2016
Accelerated alternating minimization algorithm for poisson noisy image recovery
A Padcharoen, D Kitkuan, P Kumam, J Rilwan, W Kumam
Inverse Problems in Science and Engineering, 1-26, 2020
Strong convergence of a modified SP-iteration process for generalized asymptotically quasi-nonexpansive mappings in CAT (0) spaces
D Kitkuan, A Padcharoen
J. Nonlinear Sci. Appl 9, 2126-2135, 2016
Adaptive algorithm for solving the SCFPP of demicontractive operators without a priori knowledge of operator norms
D Kitkuan, P Kumam, V Berinde, A Padcharoen
Analele Universitatii" Ovidius" Constanta-Seria Matematica 27 (3), 153-175, 2019
A modified iterative algorithm for split feasibility problems of right Bregman strongly quasi-nonexpansive mappings in Banach spaces with applications
A Padcharoen, P Kumam, YJ Cho, P Thounthong
Algorithms 9 (4), 75, 2016
Tseng methods with inertial for solving inclusion problems and application to image deblurring and image recovery problems
A Padcharoen, D Kitkuan, W Kumam, P Kumam
Computational and Mathematical Methods, e1088, 2020
Nonlinear operators as concerns convex programming and applied to signal processing
A Padcharoen, P Sukprasert
Mathematics 7 (9), 866, 2019
Relaxed Inertial Tseng’s Type Method for Solving the Inclusion Problem with Application to Image Restoration
J Abubakar, P Kumam, A Hassan Ibrahim, A Padcharoen
Mathematics 8 (5), 818, 2020
Proximal point algorithm for nonlinear multivalued type mappings in Hadamard spaces
W Kumam, D Kitkuan, A Padcharoen, P Kumam
Mathematical Methods in the Applied Sciences 42 (17), 5758-5768, 2019
Some Results for Generalized Suzuki Type Z-Contraction in Theta Metric Spaces
P Saipara, P Kumam, P Bunpatcharacharoen
Thai Journal of Mathematics, 203-219, 2018
Weak convergence theorems for a class of split variational inequality problems
K Sombut, D Kitkuan, A Padcharoen, P Kumam
2018 International Conference on Control, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics …, 2018
The (CLR_g)-property for Coincidence Point Theorems and Fredholm Integral Equations in Modular Metric Spaces
P Sumalai, P Kumam, YJ Cho, A Padcharoen
European Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics 10 (2), 238-254, 2017
Convergence theorems for generalized I-asymptotically nonexpansive mappings in a Hadamard spaces
N Akkasriworn, D Kitkuan, A Padcharoen
Commun. Korean Math. Soc 31 (3), 483-493, 2016
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