Sunghyun Cho
Sunghyun Cho
Professor of Computer Science and Engineering, Hanyang University üzerinde doğrulanmış e-posta adresine sahip
Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
MIMO relaying with linear processing for multiuser transmission in fixed relay networks
CB Chae, T Tang, RW Heath, S Cho
IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing 56 (2), 727-738, 2008
Design and implementation of a simulator based on a cross-layer protocol between MAC and PHY layers in a WiBro Compatible. IEEE 802.16 e OFDMA system
T Kwon, H Lee, S Choi, J Kim, DH Cho, S Cho, S Yun, WH Park, K Kim
IEEE communications magazine 43 (12), 136-146, 2005
Apparatus and method for scheduling resource in a multiuser MIMO radio communication system
S Cho, JH Chung, WH Park, M Airy, R Heath
US Patent App. 10/920,785, 2005
Method for controlling operational states of a MAC layer in an OFDM mobile communication system
S Cho
US Patent 7,319,680, 2008
Apparatus and method for allocating subchannels adaptively according to frequency reuse rates in an orthogonal frequency division multiple access system
S Cho, SB Yun, WH Park, YN Han, H Kim, JY Koo
US Patent 7,423,991, 2008
System and method for transmitting and receiving resource allocation information in a wireless communication system
S Cho, K Kim, SB Yun, WH Park
US Patent App. 10/971,492, 2005
A survey of scalability solutions on blockchain
S Kim, Y Kwon, S Cho
2018 International Conference on Information and Communication Technology …, 2018
Handover in multihop cellular networks
S Cho, EW Jang, JM Cioffi
IEEE Communications Magazine 47 (7), 64-73, 2009
Opportunistic feedback for multiuser MIMO systems with linear receivers
T Tang, RW Heath, S Cho, S Yun
IEEE Transactions on Communications 55 (5), 1020-1032, 2007
An efficient trajectory design for mobile sink in a wireless sensor network
S Ghafoor, MH Rehmani, S Cho, SH Park
Computers & Electrical Engineering 40 (7), 2089-2100, 2014
System and method for reselecting antennas in a cellular mobile communication system using multiple antennas
S Cho, RW Heath
US Patent 7,486,931, 2009
Adaptive feedback method for cellular communication
S Cho, SB Yun, T Tang, RW Heath
US Patent 7,693,100, 2010
Scheduler design for multiple traffic classes in OFDMA networks
WH Park, S Cho, S Bahk
Computer communications 31 (1), 174-184, 2008
Connection identification allocating system and method in a broadband wireless access communication system
I Kim, S Cho, SB Yun, WH Park, C Kang, J Lee
US Patent 7,339,921, 2008
Resource allocation scheduling method for a cellular communication system
S Cho, RW Heath, SB Yun, WH Park, M Airy
US Patent 7,392,054, 2008
System and method for performing handover in a wireless mobile communication system
OS Lee, CH Park, SB Yun, JH Kwun, S Cho, J Cheon
US Patent 7,953,412, 2011
System and method for reselecting antennas in a cellular mobile communication system using multiple antennas
S Cho, RW Heath
US Patent 7,809,330, 2010
Dynamic resource allocation method for an OFDMA system
I Kim, SB Yun, S Cho, WH Park, C Kang, J Lee
US Patent 7,522,637, 2009
Method for determining handoff in a mobile communication system, and system supporting the same
JH Kwun, S Cho, K Kim, J Cheon, OS Lee, CH Park
US Patent 7,839,827, 2010
Hard handoff scheme exploiting uplink and downlink signals in IEEE 802.16 e systems
S Cho, J Kwun, C Park, JH Cheon, OS Lee, K Kim
2006 IEEE 63rd Vehicular Technology Conference 3, 1236-1240, 2006
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