Flavio Frohlich
Flavio Frohlich
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Endogenous electric fields may guide neocortical network activity
F Fröhlich, DA McCormick
Neuron 67 (1), 129-143, 2010
Transcranial alternating current stimulation modulates large-scale cortical network activity by network resonance
MM Ali, KK Sellers, F Fröhlich
Journal of Neuroscience 33 (27), 11262-11275, 2013
Potassium dynamics in the epileptic cortex: new insights on an old topic
F Fröhlich, M Bazhenov, V Iragui-Madoz, TJ Sejnowski
The Neuroscientist 14 (5), 422-433, 2008
Feedback-controlled transcranial alternating current stimulation reveals a functional role of sleep spindles in motor memory consolidation
C Lustenberger, MR Boyle, S Alagapan, JM Mellin, BV Vaughn, F Fröhlich
Current Biology 26 (16), 2127-2136, 2016
Guiding transcranial brain stimulation by EEG/MEG to interact with ongoing brain activity and associated functions: a position paper
G Thut, TO Bergmann, F Fröhlich, SR Soekadar, JS Brittain, ...
Clinical Neurophysiology 128 (5), 843-857, 2017
Functional role of frontal alpha oscillations in creativity
C Lustenberger, MR Boyle, AA Foulser, JM Mellin, F Fröhlich
Cortex 67, 74-82, 2015
Coexistence of tonic firing and bursting in cortical neurons
F Fröhlich, M Bazhenov
Physical Review E 74 (3), 031922, 2006
Experiments and models of cortical oscillations as a target for noninvasive brain stimulation
F Fröhlich
Progress in brain research 222, 41-73, 2015
Network bistability mediates spontaneous transitions between normal and pathological brain states
F Fröhlich, TJ Sejnowski, M Bazhenov
Journal of Neuroscience 30 (32), 10734-10743, 2010
Pathological effect of homeostatic synaptic scaling on network dynamics in diseases of the cortex
F Fröhlich, M Bazhenov, TJ Sejnowski
Journal of Neuroscience 28 (7), 1709-1720, 2008
Rigor and reproducibility in research with transcranial electrical stimulation: an NIMH-sponsored workshop
M Bikson, AR Brunoni, LE Charvet, VP Clark, LG Cohen, ZD Deng, ...
Brain stimulation 11 (3), 465-480, 2018
Modulation of cortical oscillations by low-frequency direct cortical stimulation is state-dependent
S Alagapan, SL Schmidt, J Lefebvre, E Hadar, HW Shin, F Frӧhlich
PLoS biology 14 (3), e1002424, 2016
Endogenous cortical oscillations constrain neuromodulation by weak electric fields
SL Schmidt, AK Iyengar, AA Foulser, MR Boyle, F Fröhlich
Brain stimulation 7 (6), 878-889, 2014
Slow state transitions of sustained neural oscillations by activity-dependent modulation of intrinsic excitability
F Fröhlich, M Bazhenov, I Timofeev, M Steriade, TJ Sejnowski
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Low-intensity transcranial current stimulation in psychiatry
NS Philip, BG Nelson, F Frohlich, KO Lim, AS Widge, LL Carpenter
American Journal of Psychiatry 174 (7), 628-639, 2017
Anesthesia differentially modulates spontaneous network dynamics by cortical area and layer
KK Sellers, DV Bennett, A Hutt, F Fröhlich
Journal of neurophysiology 110 (12), 2739-2751, 2013
Exploratory study of once-daily transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) as a treatment for auditory hallucinations in schizophrenia
F Fröhlich, TN Burrello, JM Mellin, AL Cordle, CM Lustenberger, ...
European Psychiatry 33 (1), 54-60, 2016
Awake vs. anesthetized: layer-specific sensory processing in visual cortex and functional connectivity between cortical areas
KK Sellers, DV Bennett, A Hutt, JH Williams, F Fröhlich
Journal of neurophysiology 113 (10), 3798-3815, 2015
Cellular and network mechanisms of electrographic seizures
M Bazhenov, I Timofeev, F Fröhlich, TJ Sejnowski
Drug Discovery Today: Disease Models 5 (1), 45-57, 2008
Transcranial electrical and magnetic stimulation (tES and TMS) for addiction medicine: a consensus paper on the present state of the science and the road ahead
H Ekhtiari, H Tavakoli, G Addolorato, C Baeken, A Bonci, S Campanella, ...
Neuroscience & Biobehavioral Reviews 104, 118-140, 2019
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