Martín Gómez Ravetti
Martín Gómez Ravetti
Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais - Department of Computer Science üzerinde doğrulanmış e-posta adresine sahip - Ana Sayfa
Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Uncovering molecular biomarkers that correlate cognitive decline with the changes of hippocampus' gene expression profiles in Alzheimer's disease
MG Ravetti, OA Rosso, R Berretta, P Moscato
PloS one 5 (4), e10153, 2010
Exact algorithms for a scheduling problem with unrelated parallel machines and sequence and machine-dependent setup times
PL Rocha, MG Ravetti, GR Mateus, PM Pardalos
Computers & Operations Research 35 (4), 1250-1264, 2008
Identification of a 5-protein biomarker molecular signature for predicting Alzheimer's disease
MG Ravetti, P Moscato
PloS one 3 (9), e3111, 2008
Quantification of network structural dissimilarities
TA Schieber, L Carpi, A Díaz-Guilera, PM Pardalos, C Masoller, ...
Nature communications 8 (1), 1-10, 2017
Solving parallel machines scheduling problems with sequence-dependent setup times using variable neighbourhood search
MR De Paula, MG Ravetti, GR Mateus, PM Pardalos
IMA Journal of Management Mathematics 18 (2), 101-115, 2007
Causality and the entropy–complexity plane: Robustness and missing ordinal patterns
OA Rosso, LC Carpi, PM Saco, MG Ravetti, A Plastino, HA Larrondo
Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications 391 (1-2), 42-55, 2012
Distinguishing noise from chaos: objective versus subjective criteria using horizontal visibility graph
MG Ravetti, LC Carpi, BA Gonçalves, AC Frery, OA Rosso
PloS one 9 (9), e108004, 2014
Capacitated lot sizing and sequence dependent setup scheduling: an iterative approach for integration
GR Mateus, MG Ravetti, MC de Souza, TM Valeriano
Journal of Scheduling 13 (3), 245-259, 2010
Differences in abundances of cell-signalling proteins in blood reveal novel biomarkers for early detection of clinical Alzheimer's disease
MR De Paula, MG Ravetti, R Berretta, P Moscato
PloS one 6 (3), e17481, 2011
A scheduling problem with unrelated parallel machines and sequence dependent setups
MG Ravetti, GR Mateus, PL Rocha, PM Pardalos
International Journal of Operational Research 2 (4), 380-399, 2007
The Amigó paradigm of forbidden/missing patterns: a detailed analysis
OA Rosso, LC Carpi, PM Saco, MG Ravetti, HA Larrondo, A Plastino
The European Physical Journal B 85 (12), 419, 2012
Time-indexed formulation and polynomial time heuristic for a multi-dock truck scheduling problem in a cross-docking centre
PM Cota, BMR Gimenez, DPM Araújo, TH Nogueira, MC de Souza, ...
Computers & Industrial Engineering 95, 135-143, 2016
Robust coordination of directional overcurrent relays using a matheuristic algorithm
MH Costa, RR Saldanha, MG Ravetti, EG Carrano
IET Generation, Transmission & Distribution 11 (2), 464-474, 2017
A hybrid Lagrangian metaheuristic for the cross-docking flow shop scheduling problem
GB Fonseca, TH Nogueira, MG Ravetti
European Journal of Operational Research 275 (1), 139-154, 2019
A non-delayed relax-and-cut algorithm for scheduling problems with parallel machines, due dates and sequence-dependent setup times
MR de Paula, GR Mateus, MG Ravetti
Computers & Operations Research 37 (5), 938-949, 2010
Analyzing complex networks evolution through Information Theory quantifiers
LC Carpi, OA Rosso, PM Saco, MG Ravetti
Physics Letters A 375 (4), 801-804, 2011
A branch and price algorithm to solve the integrated production planning and scheduling in bulk ports
GC Menezes, GR Mateus, MG Ravetti
European Journal of Operational Research 258 (3), 926-937, 2017
Information theory perspective on network robustness
TA Schieber, L Carpi, AC Frery, OA Rosso, PM Pardalos, MG Ravetti
Physics Letters A 380 (3), 359-364, 2016
Analysis of mixed integer programming formulations for single machine scheduling problems with sequence dependent setup times and release dates
TH Nogueira, CRV Carvalho, MG Ravetti, MC Souza
Pesquisa Operacional 39 (1), 109-154, 2019
A hierarchical approach to solve a production planning and scheduling problem in bulk cargo terminal
GC Menezes, GR Mateus, MG Ravetti
Computers & Industrial Engineering 97, 1-14, 2016
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