Enid Schatz
Enid Schatz
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Caring and contributing: The role of older women in rural South African multi-generational households in the HIV/AIDS era
E Schatz, C Ogunmefun
World Development 35 (8), 1390-1403, 2007
``Taking care of my own blood'': Older women's relationships to their households in rural South Africa
EJ Schatz
Scandinavian journal of public health 35 (69_suppl), 147-154, 2007
‘Take your mat and go!’: Rural Malawian women's strategies in the HIV/AIDS era
E Schatz
Culture, health & sexuality 7 (5), 479-492, 2005
Female-headed households contending with AIDS-related hardship in rural South Africa
E Schatz, S Madhavan, J Williams
Health & place 17 (2), 598-605, 2011
Methods in the time of COVID-19: the vital role of qualitative inquiries
M Teti, E Schatz, L Liebenberg
International Journal of Qualitative Methods 19, 1609406920920962, 2020
The impact of pensions on health and wellbeing in rural South Africa: does gender matter?
E Schatz, X Gómez-Olivé, M Ralston, J Menken, S Tollman
Social science & medicine 75 (10), 1864-1873, 2012
Older female caregivers and HIV/AIDS-related secondary stigma in rural South Africa
C Ogunmefun, L Gilbert, E Schatz
Journal of Cross-Cultural Gerontology 26 (1), 85-102, 2011
Coping with change: Household structure and composition in rural South Africa, 1992—20031
S Madhavan, EJ Schatz
Scandinavian Journal of Public Health 35 (69_suppl), 85-93, 2007
Gender, ageing and carework in East and Southern Africa: A review
E Schatz, J Seeley
Global Public Health 10 (10), 1185-1200, 2015
Rationale and procedures for nesting semi-structured interviews in surveys or censuses
E Schatz
Population studies 66 (2), 183-195, 2012
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S Madhavan, E Schatz, S Clark, M Collinson
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“My heart is very painful”: Physical, mental and social wellbeing of older women at the times of HIV/AIDS in rural South Africa
E Schatz, L Gilbert
Journal of Aging Studies 26 (1), 16-25, 2012
Chronic disease, risk factors and disability in adults aged 50 and above living with and without HIV: findings from the Wellbeing of Older People Study in Uganda
JO Mugisha, EJ Schatz, M Randell, M Kuteesa, P Kowal, J Negin, ...
Global health action 9 (1), 31098, 2016
Numbers and narratives: Making sense of gender and context in rural Malawi
EJ Schatz
University of Pennsylvania, 2002
Dependent or productive? A new approach to understanding the social positioning of older South Africans through living arrangements
E Schatz, S Madhavan, M Collinson, FX Gómez-Olivé, M Ralston
Research on Aging 37 (6), 581-605, 2015
Caregivers' sacrifices: the opportunity costs of adult morbidity and mortality for female pensioners in rural South Africa
C Ogunmefun, E Schatz
Development Southern Africa 26 (1), 95-109, 2009
Who benefits—or does not—from South Africa’s old age pension? Evidence from characteristics of rural pensioners and non-pensioners
M Ralston, E Schatz, J Menken, FX Gómez-Olivé, S Tollman
International journal of environmental research and public health 13 (1), 85, 2016
Measuring gender and reproductive health in Africa using demographic and health surveys: the need for mixed-methods research
E Schatz, J Williams
Culture, health & sexuality 14 (7), 811-826, 2012
“My legs affect me a lot.… I can no longer walk to the forest to fetch firewood”: Challenges related to health and the performance of daily tasks for older women in a high HIV …
E Schatz, L Gilbert
Health Care for Women International 35 (7-9), 771-788, 2014
Rural poverty dynamics and refugee communities in South Africa: A spatial–temporal model
K Sartorius, B Sartorius, S Tollman, E Schatz, J Kirsten, M Collinson
Population, space and place 19 (1), 103-123, 2013
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