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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
A lamin B receptor in the nuclear envelope
HJ Worman, J Yuan, G Blobel, SD Georgatos
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 85 (22), 8531-8534, 1988
Lamin B constitutes an intermediate filament attachment site at the nuclear envelope.
SD Georgatos, G Blobel
The Journal of Cell Biology 105 (1), 117-125, 1987
Two distinct attachment sites for vimentin along the plasma membrane and the nuclear envelope in avian erythrocytes: a basis for a vectorial assembly of intermediate filaments.
SD Georgatos, G Blobel
The Journal of cell biology 105 (1), 105-115, 1987
Histones H3/H4 form a tight complex with the inner nuclear membrane protein LBR and heterochromatin protein 1
H Polioudaki, N Kourmouli, V Drosou, A Bakou, PA Theodoropoulos, ...
EMBO reports 2 (10), 920-925, 2001
The lamin B receptor (LBR) provides essential chromatin docking sites at the nuclear envelope.
A Pyrpasopoulou, J Meier, C Maison, G Simos, SD Georgatos
The EMBO journal 15 (24), 7108-7119, 1996
Binding of two desmin derivatives to the plasma membrane and the nuclear envelope of avian erythrocytes: evidence for a conserved site-specificity in intermediate filament …
SD Georgatos, K Weber, N Geisler, G Blobel
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 84 (19), 6780-6784, 1987
Nuclear envelope breakdown in mammalian cells involves stepwise lamina disassembly and microtubule-drive deformation of the nuclear membrane
SD Georgatos, A Pyrpasopoulou, PA Theodoropoulos
Journal of cell science 110 (17), 2129-2140, 1997
The inner nuclear membrane protein lamin B receptor forms distinct microdomains and links epigenetically marked chromatin to the nuclear envelope
D Makatsori, N Kourmouli, H Polioudaki, LD Shultz, K Mclean, ...
Journal of Biological Chemistry 279 (24), 25567-25573, 2004
Dynamic associations of heterochromatin protein 1 with the nuclear envelope
N Kourmouli, PA Theodoropoulos, G Dialynas, A Bakou, AS Politou, ...
The EMBO Journal 19 (23), 6558-6568, 2000
The binding of vimentin to human erythrocyte membranes: a model system for the study of intermediate filament-membrane interactions.
SD Georgatos, VT Marchesi
The Journal of cell biology 100 (6), 1955-1961, 1985
Site specificity in vimentin-membrane interactions: intermediate filament subunits associate with the plasma membrane via their head domains.
SD Georgatos, DC Weaver, VT Marchesi
The Journal of cell biology 100 (6), 1962-1967, 1985
Binding of lamin A to polynucleosomes
J Yuan, G Simos, G Blobel, SD Georgatos
Journal of Biological Chemistry 266 (14), 9211-9215, 1991
Network antibodies identify nuclear lamin B as a physiological attachment site for peripherin intermediate filaments
K Djabali, MM Portier, F Gros, G Blobel, SD Georgatos
Cell 64 (1), 109-121, 1991
A nuclear envelope-associated kinase phosphorylates arginine-serine motifs and modulates interactions between the lamin B receptor and other nuclear proteins
E Nikolakaki, G Simos, SD Georgatos, T Giannakouros
Journal of Biological Chemistry 271 (14), 8365-8372, 1996
Mitotic phosphorylation of histone H3 at threonine 3
H Polioudaki, Y Markaki, N Kourmouli, G Dialynas, PA Theodoropoulos, ...
FEBS letters 560 (1-3), 39-44, 2004
The inner nuclear membrane protein p58 associates in vivo with a p58 kinase and the nuclear lamins.
G Simos, SD Georgatos
The EMBO Journal 11 (11), 4027-4036, 1992
Filensin: a new vimentin-binding, polymerization-competent, and membrane-associated protein of the lens fiber cell.
A Merdes, M Brunkener, H Horstmann, SD Georgatos
The Journal of cell biology 115 (2), 397-410, 1991
Lamins and lamin-associated proteins
SD Georgatos, J Meier, G Simos
Current opinion in cell biology 6 (3), 347-353, 1994
The 47-kD lens-specific protein phakinin is a tailless intermediate filament protein and an assembly partner of filensin.
A Merdes, F Gounari, SD Georgatos
The Journal of cell biology 123 (6), 1507-1516, 1993
Type B lamins remain associated with the integral nuclear envelope protein p58 during mitosis: implications for nuclear reassembly.
J Meier, SD Georgatos
The EMBO Journal 13 (8), 1888-1898, 1994
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