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Kamaleldin Abodayeh
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Hidden Markov model based principal component analysis for intelligent fault diagnosis of wind energy converter systems
A Kouadri, M Hajji, MF Harkat, K Abodayeh, M Mansouri, H Nounou, ...
Renewable Energy 150, 598-606, 2020
Machine learning-based statistical testing hypothesis for fault detection in photovoltaic systems
R Fazai, K Abodayeh, M Mansouri, M Trabelsi, H Nounou, M Nounou, ...
Solar Energy 190, 405-413, 2019
Multivariate feature extraction based supervised machine learning for fault detection and diagnosis in photovoltaic systems
M Hajji, MF Harkat, A Kouadri, K Abodayeh, M Mansouri, H Nounou, ...
European Journal of Control 59, 313-321, 2021
Modelling of the kinetics of colour change in hazelnuts during air roasting
AD Demir, JMF Celayeta, K Cronin, K Abodayeh
Journal of Food Engineering 55 (4), 283-292, 2002
Some fixed point theorems in extended b-metric spaces
W Shatanawi, K Abodayeh, A Mukheimer
UPB Sci. Bull. Ser. A 80, 71-78, 2018
The asymptotic iteration method for the angular spheroidal eigenvalues
T Barakat, K Abodayeh, A Mukheimer
Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and General 38 (6), 1299, 2005
The Klein-Gordon equation with the Kratzer potential in d dimensions
N Saad, R Hall, H Ciftci
Open Physics 6 (3), 717-729, 2008
Computational analysis of MHD nonlinear radiation casson hybrid nanofluid flow at vertical stretching sheet
N Abbas, W Shatanawi, K Abodayeh
Symmetry 14 (7), 1494, 2022
Analysis of temperature variability during the thermal processing of hazelnuts
AD Demir, P Baucour, K Cronin, K Abodayeh
Innovative Food Science & Emerging Technologies 4 (1), 69-84, 2003
Online reduced kernel PLS combined with GLRT for fault detection in chemical systems
R Fazai, M Mansouri, K Abodayeh, H Nounou, M Nounou
Process Safety and Environmental Protection 128, 228-243, 2019
Mathematical model of temperature-dependent flow of power-law nanofluid over a variable stretching Riga sheet
N Abbas, KU Rehman, W Shatanawi, K Abodayeh
Waves in Random and Complex Media, 1-18, 2022
On fixed point generalizations to partial b-metric spaces
T Abdeljawad, K Abodayeh, N Mlaiki
J. Comput. Anal. Appl 19 (5), 883-891, 2015
New oscillation criteria for forced nonlinear fractional difference equations
B Abdalla, K Abodayeh, T Abdeljawad, J Alzabut
Vietnam Journal of Mathematics 45, 609-618, 2017
Multiscale Gaussian process regression-based generalized likelihood ratio test for fault detection in water distribution networks
R Fazai, M Mansouri, K Abodayeh, V Puig, MIN Raouf, H Nounou, ...
Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence 85, 474-491, 2019
New theorems on extended b-metric spaces under new contractions
A Mukheimer, N Mlaiki, K Abodayeh, W Shatanawi
Nonlinear Analysis: Modelling and Control 24 (6), 870–883-870–883, 2019
Relations Between partial Metric Spaces and M-Metric Spaces, Caristi Kirk's Theorem in Metric Type Spaces
K Abodayeh, N Mlaiki, T Abdeljawad, W Shatanawi
arXiv preprint arXiv:1512.06611, 2015
Genetic-algorithm-based neural network for fault detection and diagnosis: Application to grid-connected photovoltaic systems
A Hichri, M Hajji, M Mansouri, K Abodayeh, K Bouzrara, H Nounou, ...
Sustainability 14 (17), 10518, 2022
Rectangular Metric‐Like Type Spaces and Related Fixed Points
N Mlaiki, K Abodayeh, H Aydi, T Abdeljawad, M Abuloha
Journal of Mathematics 2018 (1), 3581768, 2018
Probabilistic analysis of timber drying schedules
K Cronin, P Baucour, K Abodayeh, A Barbot Da Silva
Drying technology 21 (8), 1433-1456, 2003
Online reduced gaussian process regression based generalized likelihood ratio test for fault detection
R Fezai, M Mansouri, K Abodayeh, H Nounou, M Nounou
Journal of Process Control 85, 30-40, 2020
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