Ali Davoodi
Ali Davoodi
Assoc. Prof. Mat. Sci. & Eng., Ferdowsi University of Mashhad; Visiting Professor at Harvard Univ. üzerinde doğrulanmış e-posta adresine sahip - Ana Sayfa
Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Electrochemical and quantum chemical assessment of two organic compounds from pyridine derivatives as corrosion inhibitors for mild steel in HCl solution under stagnant …
A Kosari, MH Moayed, A Davoodi, R Parvizi, M Momeni, H Eshghi, ...
Corrosion Science 78, 138-150, 2014
Integrated AFM and SECM for in situ studies of localized corrosion of Al alloys
A Davoodi, J Pan, C Leygraf, S Norgren
Electrochimica Acta 52 (27), 7697-7705, 2007
Critical pitting temperature (CPT) assessment of 2205 duplex stainless steel in 0.1 M NaCl at various molybdate concentrations
F Eghbali, MH Moayed, A Davoodi, N Ebrahimi
Corrosion Science 53 (1), 513-522, 2011
The role of intermetallic particles in localized corrosion of an aluminum alloy studied by SKPFM and integrated AFM/SECM
A Davoodi, J Pan, C Leygraf, S Norgren
Journal of The Electrochemical Society 155 (5), C211, 2008
In situ investigation of localized corrosion of aluminum alloys in chloride solution using integrated EC-AFM/SECM techniques
A Davoodi, J Pan, C Leygraf, S Norgren
Electrochemical and Solid State Letters 8 (6), B21, 2005
Correlation between critical pitting temperature and degree of sensitisation on alloy 2205 duplex stainless steel
N Ebrahimi, M Momeni, MH Moayed, A Davoodi
Corrosion Science 53 (2), 637-644, 2011
Water-base acrylic terpolymer as a corrosion inhibitor for SAE1018 in simulated sour petroleum solution in stagnant and hydrodynamic conditions
MV Azghandi, A Davoodi, GA Farzi, A Kosari
Corrosion science 64, 44-54, 2012
Theoretical and electrochemical assessment of inhibitive behavior of some thiophenol derivatives on mild steel in HCl
A Kosari, M Momeni, R Parvizi, M Zakeri, MH Moayed, A Davoodi, ...
Corrosion Science 53 (10), 3058-3067, 2011
A comparative H2S corrosion study of 304L and 316L stainless steels in acidic media
A Davoodi, M Pakshir, M Babaiee, GR Ebrahimi
Corrosion Science 53 (1), 399-408, 2011
Critical pitting temperature dependence of 2205 duplex stainless steel on dichromate ion concentration in chloride medium
N Ebrahimi, MH Moayed, A Davoodi
Corrosion Science 53 (4), 1278-1287, 2011
Probing of local dissolution of Al-alloys in chloride solutions by AFM and SECM
A Davoodi, J Pan, C Leygraf, S Norgren
Applied surface science 252 (15), 5499-5503, 2006
Inhibitive effect of synthesized 2-(3-pyridyl)-3, 4-dihydro-4-quinazolinone as a corrosion inhibitor for mild steel in hydrochloric acid
NS Ayati, S Khandandel, M Momeni, MH Moayed, A Davoodi, ...
Materials Chemistry and Physics 126 (3), 873-879, 2011
EIS assessment of critical pitting temperature of 2205 duplex stainless steel in acidified ferric chloride solution
M Hoseinpoor, M Momeni, MH Moayed, A Davoodi
Corrosion science 80, 197-204, 2014
Microstructural and mechanical properties of friction stir welded Cu–30Zn brass alloy at various feed speeds: Influence of stir bands
MS Moghaddam, R Parvizi, M Haddad-Sabzevar, A Davoodi
Materials & Design 32 (5), 2749-2755, 2011
Establishing a correlation between interfacial microstructures and corrosion initiation sites in Al/Cu joints by SEM–EDS and AFM–SKPFM
M Sarvghad-Moghaddam, R Parvizi, A Davoodi, M Haddad-Sabzevar, ...
Corrosion science 79, 148-158, 2014
Microstructure and corrosion characterization of the interfacial region in dissimilar friction stir welded AA5083 to AA7023
A Davoodi, Z Esfahani, M Sarvghad
Corrosion science 107, 133-144, 2016
The role of constituent phases on corrosion initiation of NiAl bronze in acidic media studied by SEM–EDS, AFM and SKPFM
D Nakhaie, A Davoodi, A Imani
Corrosion science 80, 104-110, 2014
Corrosion evaluation of multi-pass welded nickel–aluminum bronze alloy in 3.5% sodium chloride solution: A restorative application of gas tungsten arc welding process
B Sabbaghzadeh, R Parvizi, A Davoodi, MH Moayed
Materials & Design 58, 346-356, 2014
Electrochemical and quantum chemical study of Thiazolo-pyrimidine derivatives as corrosion inhibitors on mild steel in 1 M H2SO4
S Hejazi, S Mohajernia, MH Moayed, A Davoodi, M Rahimizadeh, ...
Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry 25, 112-121, 2015
Tuning DOS measuring parameters based on double-loop EPR in H2SO4 containing KSCN by Taguchi method
M Momeni, MH Moayed, A Davoodi
Corrosion science 52 (8), 2653-2660, 2010
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