Jessie Rosenberg
Jessie Rosenberg
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Coherent mixing of mechanical excitations in nano-optomechanical structures
Q Lin, J Rosenberg, D Chang, R Camacho, M Eichenfield, KJ Vahala, ...
Nature Photonics 4 (4), 236-242, 2010
A 90nm CMOS integrated nano-photonics technology for 25Gbps WDM optical communications applications
S Assefa, S Shank, W Green, M Khater, E Kiewra, C Reinholm, ...
2012 International Electron Devices Meeting, 33.8. 1-33.8. 3, 2012
Mechanical oscillation and cooling actuated by the optical gradient force
Q Lin, J Rosenberg, X Jiang, KJ Vahala, O Painter
Physical review letters 103 (10), 103601, 2009
Static and dynamic wavelength routing via the gradient optical force
J Rosenberg, Q Lin, O Painter
Nature Photonics 3 (8), 478-483, 2009
A multispectral and polarization-selective surface-plasmon resonant midinfrared detector
J Rosenberg, RV Shenoi, TE Vandervelde, S Krishna, O Painter
Applied Physics Letters 95 (16), 161101, 2009
A 25 Gbps silicon microring modulator based on an interleaved junction
JC Rosenberg, WMJ Green, S Assefa, DM Gill, T Barwicz, M Yang, ...
Optics express 20 (24), 26411-26423, 2012
300-mm monolithic silicon photonics foundry technology
K Giewont, K Nummy, FA Anderson, J Ayala, T Barwicz, Y Bian, ...
IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics 25 (5), 1-11, 2019
High-Q double-disk microcavities for cavity optomechanics
X Jiang, Q Lin, J Rosenberg, K Vahala, O Painter
Optics express 17 (23), 20911-20919, 2009
Design of plasmonic photonic crystal resonant cavities for polarization sensitive infrared photodetectors
J Rosenberg, RV Shenoi, S Krishna, O Painter
Optics express 18 (4), 3672-3686, 2010
Low-power 30 Gbps silicon microring modulator
JC Rosenberg, WMJ Green, S Assefa, T Barwicz, M Yang, SM Shank, ...
Quantum Electronics and Laser Science Conference, PDPB9, 2011
An integrated silicon photonics technology for O-band datacom
NB Feilchenfeld, FG Anderson, T Barwicz, S Chilstedt, Y Ding, ...
2015 IEEE International Electron Devices Meeting (IEDM), 25.7. 1-25.7. 4, 2015
Demonstration of a high extinction ratio monolithic CMOS integrated nanophotonic transmitter and 16 Gb/s optical link
DM Gill, JE Proesel, C Xiong, JS Orcutt, JC Rosenberg, MH Khater, ...
IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics 21 (4), 212-222, 2014
Monolithic silicon photonics at 25 Gb/s
JS Orcutt, DM Gill, J Proesel, J Ellis-Monaghan, F Horst, T Barwicz, ...
Optical Fiber Communication Conference, Th4H. 1, 2016
Demonstration of error-free 32-Gb/s operation from monolithic CMOS nanophotonic transmitters
DM Gill, C Xiong, JE Proesel, JC Rosenberg, J Orcutt, M Khater, ...
IEEE Photonics Technology Letters 28 (13), 1410-1413, 2016
Multispectral quantum dots-in-a-well infrared detectors using plasmon assisted cavities
RV Shenoi, J Rosenberg, TE Vandervelde, OJ Painter, S Krishna
IEEE journal of quantum electronics 46 (7), 1051-1057, 2010
Plasmon assisted photonic crystal quantum dot sensors
RV Shenoi, DA Ramirez, Y Sharma, RS Attaluri, J Rosenberg, OJ Painter, ...
Nanophotonics and Macrophotonics for Space Environments 6713, 67130P, 2007
Ultra-low-voltage micro-ring modulator integrated with a CMOS feed-forward equalization driver
JC Rosenberg, WMJ Green, AV Rylyakov, CL Schow, S Assefa, BG Lee, ...
Optical Fiber Communication Conference, OWQ4, 2011
CF3 Rotation in 3-(Trifluoromethyl)phenanthrene:  Solid State 19F and 1H NMR Relaxation and Bloch−Wangsness−Redfield Theory
PA Beckmann, J Rosenberg, K Nordstrom, CW Mallory, FB Mallory
The Journal of Physical Chemistry A 110 (11), 3947-3953, 2006
Silicon photonics and challenges for fabrication
NB Feilchenfeld, K Nummy, T Barwicz, D Gill, E Kiewra, R Leidy, JS Orcutt, ...
Advanced Etch Technology for Nanopatterning VI 10149, 101490D, 2017
Monolithic travelling-wave Mach-Zehnder transmitter with high-swing stacked CMOS driver
DM Gill, J Proesel, C Xiong, JC Rosenberg, M Khater, T Barwicz, S Assefa, ...
CLEO: Science and Innovations, SM2G. 3, 2014
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