Arun Vishwanath New York
Arun Vishwanath New York
New York Associate Professor of Communication, SUNY Buffalo üzerinde doğrulanmış e-posta adresine sahip - Ana Sayfa
Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Why do people get phished? Testing individual differences in phishing vulnerability within an integrated, information processing model
A Vishwanath, T Herath, R Chen, J Wang, HR Rao
Decision Support Systems 51 (3), 576-586, 2011
An examination of the factors contributing to adoption decisions among late-diffused technology products
A Vishwanath, GM Goldhaber
New media & society 5 (4), 547-572, 2003
Barriers to the adoption of electronic health records: using concept mapping to develop a comprehensive empirical model
A Vishwanath, SD Scamurra
Health informatics journal 13 (2), 119-134, 2007
Research article phishing susceptibility: An investigation into the processing of a targeted spear phishing email
J Wang, T Herath, R Chen, A Vishwanath, HR Rao
IEEE transactions on professional communication 55 (4), 345-362, 2012
Habitual Facebook use and its impact on getting deceived on social media
A Vishwanath
Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication 20 (1), 83-98, 2015
Comparing online information effects: A cross-cultural comparison of online information and uncertainty avoidance
A Vishwanath
Communication Research 30 (6), 579-598, 2003
Suspicion, cognition, and automaticity model of phishing susceptibility
A Vishwanath, B Harrison, YJ Ng
Communication Research 45 (8), 1146-1166, 2018
Impact of personality on technology adoption: An empirical model
A Vishwanath
Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology 56 (8 …, 2005
The impact of electronic medical record systems on outpatient workflows: a longitudinal evaluation of its workflow effects
A Vishwanath, SR Singh, P Winkelstein
International journal of medical informatics 79 (11), 778-791, 2010
Technology clusters: Using multidimensional scaling to evaluate and structure technology clusters
A Vishwanath, H Chen
Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology 57 …, 2006
Retweeting the Fukushima nuclear radiation disaster
J Li, A Vishwanath, HR Rao
Communications of the ACM 57 (1), 78-85, 2014
Manifestations of interpersonal trust in online interaction: A cross-cultural study comparing the differential utilization of seller ratings by eBay participants in Canada …
A Vishwanath
New Media & Society 6 (2), 219-234, 2004
A cost and performance model for web service investment
KRT Larsen, PA Bloniarz
Communications of the ACM 43 (2), 109-116, 2000
The diffusion of innovations: A communication science perspective
A Vishwanath, GA Barnett
Peter Lang, 2011
From belief-importance to intention: The impact of framing on technology adoption
A Vishwanath
Communication Monographs 76 (2), 177-206, 2009
Individual processing of phishing emails: How attention and elaboration protect against phishing
B Harrison, E Svetieva, A Vishwanath
Online Information Review, 2016
The effect of the number of opinion seekers and leaders on technology attitudes and choices
A Vishwanath
Human Communication Research 32 (3), 322-350, 2006
Diffusion of deception in social media: Social contagion effects and its antecedents
A Vishwanath
Information Systems Frontiers 17 (6), 1353-1367, 2015
Examining the distinct antecedents of e-mail habits and its influence on the outcomes of a phishing attack
A Vishwanath
Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication 20 (5), 570-584, 2015
Problematic online pornography use: A media attendance perspective
JM Sirianni, A Vishwanath
The Journal of Sex Research 53 (1), 21-34, 2016
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