Seung-Bo Park
Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Social network analysis in a movie using character-net
SB Park, KJ Oh, GS Jo
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Enhanced TDMA based anti-collision algorithm with a dynamic frame size adjustment strategy for mobile RFID readers
KC Shin, SB Park, GS Jo
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Emotion-based character clustering for managing story-based contents: a cinemetric analysis
JJ Jung, E You, SB Park
Multimedia tools and applications 65 (1), 29-45, 2013
Exploiting script-subtitles alignment to scene boundary dectection in movie
SB Park, HN Kim, H Kim, GS Jo
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Method for preventing reader collision, method for driving an RFID reader using the method and RFID reader for performing the method
G Jo, K Shin, S Park
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Automatic emotion annotation of movie dialogue using WordNet
SB Park, E Yoo, H Kim, GS Jo
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Efficient web browsing with semantic annotation: A case study of product images in e-commerce sites
JJ Jung, KS Lee, SB Park, GS Jo
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Affective social network—happiness inducing social media platform
HJ Kim, SB Park, GS Jo
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Character-net: Character network analysis from video
SB Park, YW Kim, MN Uddin, GS Jo
2009 IEEE/WIC/ACM International Joint Conference on Web Intelligence and …, 2009
Automatic subtitles localization through speaker identification in multimedia system
SB Park, KJ Oh, HN Kim, GS Jo
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Potential emotion word in movie dialog
SB Park, E You, JJ Jung
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Role Grades Classification and Community Clustering at Character-net
SB Park, GS Jo
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Storytelling of collaborative learning system on augmented reality
SB Park, JJ Jung, ES You
New Trends in Computational Collective Intelligence, 139-147, 2015
Time slot allocation apparatus and method for preventing collisions between time slots in TDMA-based RFID network
GS Jo, SB Park, YH Yu
US Patent 8,325,017, 2012
A Study of Story Visualization Based on Variation of Characters Relationship by Time
SB Park, YT Baek
Journal of the Korea Society of Computer and Information 18 (3), 119-126, 2013
Story-based Information Retrieval
ES You, SB Park
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SB Park, ES You, JJ Jung
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Movie browsing system based on character and emotion
SB Park, JD Lee, E You, D Lee
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Annotation alignment method on P2P-TV system
SB Park, K Chung
Peer-to-Peer Networking and Applications 8 (4), 578-586, 2015
A cinemetric approach to sentimental processing on story-oriented contents
SB Park, E You, JJ Jung
Quality & Quantity 48 (1), 49-62, 2014
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