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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Comparing the diagnostic value of the C-reactive protein to albumin ratio with other inflammatory markers in patients with stable angina pectoris
Z Tanriverdi, F Gungoren, MB Tascanov, F Besli, IH Altiparmak
Angiology 71 (4), 360-365, 2020
Prevalence and clinical profile of patients with myocardial infarction with non-obstructive coronary arteries in Turkey (MINOCA-TR): A national multi-center, observational study
S Kılıç, G Aydın, A Çoner, Y Kılavuz Doğan, Ö Arıcan Özlük, Y Çelik, ...
Anatolian Journal of Cardiology, 2020
Relationships between paroxysmal atrial fibrillation, total oxidant status, and DNA damage
MB Tascanov, Z Tanriverdi, F Gungoren, F Besli, ME Erkus, İH Altiparmak, ...
Revista Portuguesa de Cardiologia 40 (1), 5-10, 2021
Ortner's syndrome associated with aortic arch aneurysm
O Gulel, M Elmali, S Demir, B Tascanov
Clinical Research in Cardiology 96 (1), 49, 2007
A new predictor for indicating clinical severity and prognosis in COVID-19 patients: Frontal QRS-T angle
M Ocak, MB Tascanov, NŞ Yurt, YC Yurt
The American Journal of Emergency Medicine 50, 631-635, 2021
The effect of propofol on frontal QRS‐T angle in patients undergoing elective colonoscopy procedure
MB Tascanov, Z Tanriverdi, F Gungoren, F Besli, A Bicer Yesilay, ...
Journal of Clinical Pharmacy and Therapeutics 45 (1), 185-190, 2020
Association between the no-reflow phenomenon and soluble CD40 ligand level in patients with acute ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction
MB Tascanov, Z Tanriverdi, F Gungoren, F Besli, ME Erkus, A Gonel, ...
Medicina 55 (7), 376, 2019
Frequency of angina and quality of life in outpatients with stable coronary artery disease in Turkey: insights from the PULSE study
ZI Akyildiz, O Ergene
Acta cardiologica 69 (3), 253-259, 2014
The relationship between prolidase activity and atrial electromechanical changes in patients with paroxysmal atrial fibrillation
MB Tascanov
Combinatorial Chemistry & High Throughput Screening 22 (1), 69-75, 2019
The high dose unfractionated heparin is related to less radial artery occlusion rates after diagnostic cardiac catheterisation: a single centre experience
F Besli, F Gungoren, Z Tanriverdi, MB Tascanov, H Fedai, H Akcali, ...
Acta cardiologica 76 (2), 168-174, 2021
How do contrast agents affect cardiac markers and coagulation tests? experimental study
MB Tascanov, A Gönel
Combinatorial Chemistry & High Throughput Screening 22 (5), 355-360, 2019
C-reactive protein/albumin ratio as a novel predictor of contrast induced nephropathy in patients with stable angina pectoris
IH Altıparmak, Z Tanrıverdi, MB Taşcanov, F Güngören, A Biçer, H Fedai, ...
Angiology 74 (2), 189-196, 2023
The relationship among noise, total oxidative status and DNA damage
S Havlioglu, MB Tascanov, I Koyuncu, E Temiz
International archives of occupational and environmental health, 1-6, 2022
Comparisons of microbiota-generated metabolites in patients with young and elderly acute coronary syndrome.
MB Tascanov, Z Tanriverdi, F Gungoren, F Besli, ME Erkus, İ Koyuncu, ...
Anatolian Journal of Cardiology 24 (3), 175-182, 2020
Clinical value of the combined use of P-wave dispersion and troponin values to predict atrial fibrillation recurrence in patients with paroxysmal atrial fibrillation
M Ocak, MB Tascanov
Revista Portuguesa de Cardiologia (English Edition) 40 (9), 679-684, 2021
What is the normal range of the frontal QRS-T angle?
Z Tanriverdi, F Besli, F Gungoren, MB Tascanov
Diabetes research and clinical practice 160, 2020
The impact of post-dilatation on periprocedural outcomes during carotid artery stenting: A single-center experience
F Besli, F Gungoren, O Kocaturk, Z Tanriverdi, MB Tascanov
Atherosclerosis 290, 74-79, 2019
SCUBE1 is associated with thrombotic complications, disease severity, and in-hospital mortality in COVID-19 patients
K Toprak, M Kaplangoray, A Palice, MB Taşcanov, M İnanır, T Memioğlu, ...
Thrombosis research 220, 100-106, 2022
The relationship between frontal QRS‐T angle and the severity of newly diagnosed chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
I Hocanli, Z Tanriverdi, M Kabak, F Gungoren, MB Tascanov
International Journal of Clinical Practice 75 (10), e14500, 2021
Multiple hydatid cysts of the interventricular septum
M Tascanov, M Uğur
Turkish Journal of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery 27 (3), 398, 2019
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