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Maggie Foley
Maggie Foley
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Corporate cash holdings and financial crisis: an empirical study of Chinese companies
Y Lian, M Sepehri, M Foley
Eurasian Business Review 1 (2), 112-124, 2011
Women in the boardroom and corporate decisions of Italian listed companies: Does the “critical mass” matter?
F Rossi, C Hu, M Foley
Management Decision, 2017
Audit quality and overvalued equity
R Houmes, M Foley, RJ Cebula
Accounting Research Journal, 2013
An exploratory empirical inquiry into the impact of federal budget deficits on the ex post real interest rate yield on ten year treasury notes over the last half century
RJ Cebula, F Angjellari-Dajci, M Foley
Journal of Economics and Finance 38 (4), 712-720, 2014
Freedom and gross in-migration: an empirical study of the post-great recession experience
RJ Cebula, M Foley, JC Hall
Journal of Economics and Finance 40 (2), 402-420, 2016
Net migration determinants
M Foley, F Angjellari-Dajci
Journal of Regional Analysis and Policy 45 (1100-2016-90150), 30-35, 2015
Empirical analysis of the impact of cigarette excise taxes on cigarette consumption: estimates from recent state-level data
RJ Cebula, M Foley, R Houmes
Journal of Economics and Finance 38 (1), 164-180, 2014
The impact of unionization and other factors on undocumented immigrant settlement patterns in the US
RJ Cebula, M Foley, R Boylan
Applied Economics Letters 21 (4), 272-275, 2014
How farmers make investment decisions: Evidence from a farmer survey in China
S Wang, Y Tian, X Liu, M Foley
Sustainability 12 (1), 247, 2019
An analysis of withdrawn shareholder proposals
M Foley, R Cebula, C Jun, R Boylan
Corporate Governance, 2015
The impacts of promotions/marketing, scheduling, and economic factors on total gross revenues for minor league baseball teams
RJ Cebula, CK Coombs, L Lawson, M Foley
International Advances in Economic Research 19 (3), 249-257, 2013
Economic freedom and real income
M Foley, JR Clark
Journal of Regional Analysis & Policy 46 (1), 52-59, 2016
Differential risk effect of inside debt, CEO compensation diversification, and firm investment
CF Lee, C Hu, M Foley
Review of Quantitative Finance and Accounting 56 (2), 505-543, 2021
The impact of economic freedom on the unemployment rate in OECD nations: An exploratory study accepting the validity of Okun’s law
RJ Cebula, M Foley, D Capener
Econ. Int 68, 423-436, 2015
A panel data study of the effects of economic freedom, regulatory quality, and taxation on the growth rate of per capita real GDP
RJ Cebula, M Foley
Journal of Public Finance and Public Choice 30 (1-2), 103-122, 2012
Property Tax Capitalization within a National Historic District versus Property Tax Capitalization outside that National Historic District: Another Application of the Tiebout …
R Cebula, M Foley, R Houmes
Housing prices and urban land use efficiency
S Wang, RJ Cebula, X Liu, M Foley
Applied Economics Letters 28 (13), 1121-1124, 2021
An analysis of omitted shareholder proposals
R Boylan, R Cebula, M Foley, X Liu
The Demand for Treasury Securities at Auction
P Bahamin, R Cebula, M Foley, R Houmes
Personal income tax evasion determinants revisited: An exploratory study using newly available data
R Cebula, M Foley
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