Gregory F. Nemet
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Beyond the learning curve: factors influencing cost reductions in photovoltaics
GF Nemet
Energy policy 34 (17), 3218-3232, 2006
Demand-pull, technology-push, and government-led incentives for non-incremental technical change
GF Nemet
Research policy 38 (5), 700-709, 2009
Distance and health care utilization among the rural elderly
GF Nemet, AJ Bailey
Social Science & Medicine 50 (9), 1197-1208, 2000
Global energy assessment: toward a sustainable future
TB Johansson, AP Patwardhan, N Nakićenović, L Gomez-Echeverri
Cambridge University Press, 2012
Implications of incorporating air-quality co-benefits into climate change policymaking
GF Nemet, T Holloway, P Meier
Environmental Research Letters 5 (1), 014007, 2010
The underestimated potential of solar energy to mitigate climate change
F Creutzig, P Agoston, JC Goldschmidt, G Luderer, G Nemet, ...
Nature Energy 2 (9), 1-9, 2017
US energy research and development: Declining investment, increasing need, and the feasibility of expansion
GF Nemet, DM Kammen
Energy Policy 35 (1), 746-755, 2007
Negative emissions—Part 2: Costs, potentials and side effects
S Fuss, WF Lamb, MW Callaghan, J Hilaire, F Creutzig, T Amann, ...
Environmental Research Letters 13 (6), 063002, 2018
Negative emissions—Part 1: Research landscape and synthesis
JC Minx, WF Lamb, MW Callaghan, S Fuss, J Hilaire, F Creutzig, T Amann, ...
Environmental Research Letters 13 (6), 063001, 2018
The energy technology innovation system
KS Gallagher, A Grübler, L Kuhl, G Nemet, C Wilson
Annual review of environment and resources 37, 137-162, 2012
Do important inventions benefit from knowledge originating in other technological domains?
GF Nemet, E Johnson
Research Policy 41 (1), 190-200, 2012
Marginalization of end-use technologies in energy innovation for climate protection
C Wilson, A Grubler, KS Gallagher, GF Nemet
Nature Climate Change 2 (11), 780-788, 2012
Apples, oranges, and consistent comparisons of the temporal dynamics of energy transitions
A Grubler, C Wilson, G Nemet
Energy Research & Social Science 22, 18-25, 2016
Policy, financing and implementation
C Mitchell, J Sawin, GR Pokharel, DM Kammen, Z Wang, S Fifita, ...
IPCC special report on renewable energy sources and climate change mitigation, -, 2011
Interim monitoring of cost dynamics for publicly supported energy technologies
GF Nemet
Energy Policy 37 (3), 825-835, 2009
Inter-technology knowledge spillovers for energy technologies
GF Nemet
Energy Economics 34 (5), 1259-1270, 2012
Energy technology innovation
A Grubler, C Wilson
Cambridge University Press, 2014
Reversing the incredible shrinking energy R&D budget
DM Kammen, GF Nemet
Issues in Science and Technology 22 (1), 84, 2005
Willingness to pay for climate policy: a review of estimates
GF Nemet, E Johnson
La Follette school working paper, 2010
Technology learning curves for energy policy support
T Wiesenthal, P Dowling, J Morbee, C Thiel, B Schade, P Russ, S Simoes, ...
JRC scientific and policy reports 332, 2012
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